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How to ‘hygge’: dressing like the Danish

How to ‘hygge’: dressing like the Danish

hyggeRIPDo you know the feeling of lighting the candles whilst setting the table for a home-cooked, family meal? Or the cozy sensation of walking around the house in fuzzy socks, wrapped in a blanket and with a hot drink in hand whilst it rains outside? How about the excitement of meeting old friends for an ice cold drink on a hot summer night? This is what the Danish tradition ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah) is all about: cherishing and celebrating life’s simplest pleasures in a way that is warm, cozy and comfortable. This lifestyle trend, based on a long-standing Danish tradition, has found its place in interior design, baking and most recently, fashion.

Hygge is all about finding comfort and contentment on a day to day basis which, contrary to what might be thought, does not mean compromising style. Instead, hygge fashion is based on cultivating well-being, one which can be compared to feeling ‘warm on the inside’– which obviously means something different for everyone, ranging from cozy knit sweaters and messy buns for some, to flowy summer dresses with a killer red lipstick for others. However, there are some ideas that seem to be common across Danish hygge fashion. Here are a few rules of thumb that can help you hygge-fy your look in order to feel extra comfy in your clothes.

  1. Tone it down

In hygge, soft neutrals are generally preferred to bright colors, as they can help rear a feeling of inner peace the Danes so greatly appreciate. Beige, mauve, oatmeal and cream are all colors that can instantly cultivate a softer, warmer look.

  1. Soft, always soft

Go for soft cotton shirts and flowy trousers rather stiff jeans and scratchy shirts. To do your best, you want to feel your best, and a great way to start is to choose fresh materials that feel good against your skin.

pernille3. Opt oversize rather than undersize

When in doubt, never go for something that is too tight. How will you give those full-bellied laughs or stretch out on the sofa if you feel like you’re suffocating in your pants? There’s nothing wrong with curve hugging silhouettes, but if you’re hygge-ing, stick to stretchy materials or better yet, oversized chunky sweaters that let your body move the way it’s meant to.

  1. Coordination, coordination!

Looking put together and coordinated can you help you create the feeling of calmness and harmony hygge is all about. Though fashion is for everyone, learning the ins and outs of what pieces look good together can be quite a challenge. The app CHIC Every Weather can be a great start for those with the faintest fashion heart—find inspiration for looks tailored for your local weather or for your chosen occasion. There’s no better way to feel comfy than to dress accordingly to the circumstances!

Hygge fashion is all about prioritizing your comfort: if you feel good, you look good… and if you look good, you feel good!

Hygge pieces to cozy your life:


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