Lily Collins Shoes

Lily Collins Shoes

Guess what ladies?? I found this beautiful pair of shoes from Uterque that are very similar to the one that Lily Collins is wearing in Glamour Magazine Photo shoot. They don´t have in black, but I think this colour is absolutely stunning, don´t you Think?

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Fur Vest

Regardless fashion trends, that came and go, fur vest, is a piece of clothe that is never out of fashion.
So this Season, once again fur vest is a super styling wardrobe must have.
The versatility of fur vest is enormous, you can wear it with every thing, skinnies, dresses, skirts, trousers…you just have to be creative, because in the end fur vest will always give a final touch of glamour to your look.


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Burberry Trench Kisses Collection

Last September when I was in New York, I saw for the first time the new Burberry´s collection: Trench Kisses. I just love the name of this collection;)
I think the all collection is beautiful, however the pieces that kept my attention, where the ones with little hearts. Shirts, dresses and purses are made in different fabrics and they all have hearts. I simply love it:) Of course that some other brands have made similar shirts based on the Trensh kisses collection, so I leave here same other options for a more affordable price;)


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Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2014

Yesterday I saw Alberta Ferretti S/S collection 2014. It blow me away. I loved every piece of clothing. The style reminds me of summer, folklore, and places like Sicily island in Italy. The fabrics, the cut, the combination of patterns and colors make this clothing authentic works of art, don´t you think? 😉


New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

I’m finally in New York to see the most overwhelming fashion event, New York Fashion Week NYFW. There’s nothing you can see or read that describes the environment of NYFW. Is like visiting a country, you have to be there to really enjoy, the culture, the people, the smells, the music, the weather, the view. Lincoln center becomes a parade of beautiful people wearing statement looks.
Every degree you turn you’ll spot something worth noting. Restaurants, Hotels, stores, even taxis, the famous yellow cabs so many times used in fashion campaigns and movies, are all inspiring by NYFW. Special discounts given in stores, special NYFW menus in restaurants, videos about NYFW in taxis, everything and everyone talks about fashion.
Marc Jacob’s store in west village, near the house of the famous Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city, made a special NYFW sell, where the costumers could choose a graffiti design and personalize a T-shirt that will be made in that very moment, by a professional. The event begins outside with thousands of photographers, bloggers, fashion lovers, celebrities and models who are walk through the Lincoln Center to attend NYFW. Cameras are taking pictures all the time, no one wants to loose a crazy or amazing look.
So everyone is posing to the cameras, bloggers pose to other bloggers, even simple people who are just passing by with outrageous looks are being photographed. But the most exciting moments are when celebrities arrive, perfect in their exquisite, outfits, makeups, and hairstyle.
For the first time I saw one of my fashion divas Olivia Palermo, and I have to confess my excitement. What can I say?? She’s absolutely gorgeous, elegant and chic, just like a model from a Vogue commercial. Here are some photos,  of the inspiring looks and trends from the event and New York streets that I saw, I hope you enjoy. Have a great day.

Crochet Shorts

When I was 8 months pregnant, and my legs that looked like a tree trunk, I saw these crochet shorts, for which I fell in love immediately. And I thought: I’ll never be able to wear shorts again, but still have to see them hanging in my closet. So I bought them;) Fortunately already used them hundreds of times, and this weekend I decided to take a picture to be able to show you, hope you like it ; )



















Shorts: old collection from Water Flower

Hat: old collection from Zara Home

Zara New Collection

Finally I found a coat similar to Miranda Kerr´s coat, in Zara´s new collection. I think that this look although simple is very elegant. Perfect for a day at work.




































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Chanel Haute Couture

And there she is again, Princess Charllote Casiraghi dazzling in the Bal De La Rose, wearing this beautiful high-low feathered pink gown from Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013. The new haircut and the hairstyle, gives her a modern, stylish and young look, don´t you think?

Isabel Marant Sneakers

Isabel Marant is a French Fashion Desinger, which launched this fabulous sneakers, which have been conquer women all over the world. For me this model give a fashion touch to any look, and the great advantage is that they have high heels, but when you look at them you don´t realize this little secret 😉 There are already many other brands with similar models for less. The question is which one will you buy? 😉