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Best podcasts to improve your daily life in 2023

Best podcasts to improve your daily life in 2023

Podcasts became a new trend already some time ago. There’s literally a podcast about everything – starting with fashion through climate change to motivation topics. Hundreds of thousands of podcasts are available, so choosing the one that will really benefit and which you want to dedicate your precious time to – may be quite of a challenge.

However, we can definitely help you on that journey and suggest a few podcasts that you may really like. So here is our selection of the podcast that will really help you improve your daily life in 2022, just check it out.

Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan

If you think you could benefit from a confidence boost, as you feel a bit anxious after all the events that were taking place in the world during the last 2 years and not only that, you should definitely check Heather’s podcast. Every week, Heather, who is currently a best-selling author in the US, shares different techniques and strategies that will help you to build up your confidence, reach your dreams and keep smiling along the way.

On purpose by Jay Shetty

Probably we don’t need to introduce Jay Shetty to anyone. We literally don’t know a person who wouldn’t know him. Jay’s purpose since a few years is to make a wisdom go viral. In his podcast, twice a week, he’s sharing some fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful, mindful and successful people in the world.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey

Super Soul Conversations podcast is Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with best-selling authors, world leaders, wellness experts and spiritual luminaries. It was all designed to bring you one step closer to your best self, guide you through life’s big questions and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you.

Motherhood Sessions by Gimlet

This podcast is not only for Mothers, actually we all should listen to it. Everybody knows that being a Mom is hard. We usually hear about the sleepless nights, but nobody speaks about the identity shift that accompanies this role. In the podcast, Dr Alexandra Sacks has conversations with mothers about the things that usually hard to hear outside of a therapist’s office. Each episodes features a woman who is struggling with some problem or question – whether it’s career, femininity, relationship or mental health.

The Young and Profiting podcast

This a show is hosted by Hala Taha and provides practical advice, insights, and inspiration for young professionals looking to excel in their careers and lives. Hala interviews very successful and inspiring people from different areas, such as business, technology, media, and entertainment, to share their stories and experiences.

The podcast is great because it offers valuable and actionable advice from experts in their fields. Hala’s engaging hosting style, thoughtful questions, and warm atmosphere make the show enjoyable to listen to, making it an excellent resource for young professionals looking for practical guidance and inspiration.

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