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The best presents for a stylish mother


In case you missed  Mother’s Day is fast-approaching so let’s make this Mother’s Day a truly chic and unique one. We’ve searched every corner of the globe in order to locate the kind of presents for a stylish mum and Luckily there are plenty of options that make it easy to spoil her. But remember Mother’s Day is about more than just presents, being a mother and having a mother is about moments, so make make each one count and have a wonderful day with the the best mother in the all world, yours. Happy Mother´s Day everyone!

Surprising presents for Mother´s Day:



Affordable Wedding-Guest dresses that look so expensive


Struggling to figure out what to wear this wedding season? Finding a wedding guest outfit can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a big budget, and you have your calender full of wedding ceremonies. But please don´t freak out, finding a beautiful dress should be fun and there are plenty of more affordable options out there, just as stunning as the pricey stuff, that will earn you compliments and won’t break your bank account. Ahead we’ve rounded up a few fancy dresses and jumpsuits (we’re aware not everyone wants to wear a dress to a wedding) under €250,00 that will make you look stunning in every kind of wedding. The best part? We guarantee they’ll become a favorite for spring and summer, and you’ll actually want to wear beyond the nuptials.

Wedding-Guest Shopping List for different types of weddings:

Last minute ideas for an Easter lunch with Family

With Easter just around the corner, there is no better time to seize the moment and officially welcome your spring wardrobe back into the mix. Whatever your Easter plans – a brunch with your Friends , a casual lunch with the Family – you’ll need to stay stylish. For those who are throwing a Family lunch and are starting to freak out, we got you covered. We round up some simple and quick ideas to upgrade your lunch table and your outfit. It’ll look like you’ve been preparing this lunch for a whole month. So have fun this weekend and enjoy the company of your family and friends for egg hunts, obligatory bunny-ear selfies and more chocolate treats than one can handle 😉


Easter Shopping List:

The best looks to wear this Festival Season


Festival season is upon us, and with it comes the desire to wear free-spirited, boho-inspired looks, after all Music festivals have become so much more than just dance parties. They’re the major destination for the style set to kick off spring. Coachella style (one of our favorites) might be predictable at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less fun, each year you can spot amazing and inspiring looks like denim cutoffs, flower crowns fringes, embroidered details, Bohemian-style prints, bandana neck scarves, reflective sunnies, breezy off-the-shoulder crop tops and glitzy body chains.

With festivals on the brain, we rounded up a few pieces we’re obsessed with, and no matter where you live consider them your inspiration for the upcoming season.

Festival Season shopping List:


The full coverage of our Meet Up at Maxima Beauty Summit

We love to meet with our amazing followers, we like to know their dreams, their passions, what are they doing and understand their expectations when they visit Chic Every Week. That´s why last week we invited only six followers to our exclusive Meet Up that took place at Maxima Beauty Summit. We thought that this event dedicated to beauty was the perfect place to our exclusive Meet Up.
For those who weren’t able to come, step inside with us, to catch up with all the action from our Meet Up at Máxima Beauty Summit, and we´ll promise you that next time you will want to be one of our VIP guests :)
It´s not easy to describe all the fun that we had together. Meeting with our followers and friends is incredibly rewarding, they really push us further.

The Beauty event was hosted in Páteo da Galé, and we have to say that the place was very well chosen, not only because of its pleasant atmosphere that is both historic (from the Pombaline era) and modern, but also because of its privileged location near the Tagus River and Lisbon’s main avenues.


When we arrived at the Summit we had a red carpet waiting for us to take some Hollywood kind of pictures, so we just had to do it 😉
After a lot of pictures, goofy moments and lots of laughs we finally enter in the venue, and we were amazed by how fascinating and perfect the environment was. Lights, digital panels, beauty products in holograms, interactive mirrors and some of the best beauty brands, we immediately realized that Maxima Beauty Summit was made for us!
At the entrance we were welcomed with this amazing offer – a Maxima Bag with a statement color with a lot of beauty products inside, even sunglasses you could find there, all from Schwarzkopf. How sweet was that? 😉


On the agenda there were a lot of things going on, beauty talks with special guests (the venue was a bit crowded so it was not easy to concentrate on those though), skin diagnostics, product demonstrations, makeup artists, and lots of offers. Of course we didn’t resist, so we tried everything, and I mean everything, even the main stage for the talks was taken by our group. Ok, maybe we went a little more wild then usual but the stage had an incredible digital panel behind so, we didn’t resist to take some photos by Artur Vieira, our photographer.

Some of the girls made their manicure at Nail4Us, and while we were waiting we had the opportunity to meet and have a little chat with the Nail4Us Founder, Magda Lourenço about her business and her incredible success in Portugal. Magda was also launching her new line of tattoos, and we felt in love as soon as we saw her arm full of bugs and flowers.

Because there was a lot of people attending the event, after all this was a beauty event with the signature of Maxima Magazine, and the entrance was for free, yes that’s right the entrance was for free 😉 people had to wait in line to experience the brands.

One of the brands that we got to be with, was Body Shop, and we have to tell you how inspired we were with their “The Enrich Not Exploit™” Commitment, so well described by Selma, the Marketing Manager in Portugal. The Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment  reflects the brand’s belief that business can be a force for good, which means enriching people as well as the planet, its biodiversity and resources, while also developing sustainable and ethical products. How inspiring is that? Of course we had to schedule a lunch with Selma for other day, because the Summit was not the right place to know everything about this philosophy behind such a strong name, and we can’t wait to know all the amazing things that Body Shop Company and its team have been doing to make the world a better place.


We were talking and drinking a refreshing gin when we saw this beautiful and elegant lady who stood out from the crowd. That’s when we realized that was Fernanda Soares the Editor-in-Chief of Maxima Magazine. Without thinking about it we approached her, because we had to congratulate her for the idea and the success of Beauty Summit, and for her sense of style. Her look was to dye for! So we had the opportunity to talk with Fernanda, even though it was only a few minutes, the conversation was very interesting and Fernanda was very sweet, we hope to talk again with her very soon.

After the vibrant Beauty Summit we went for an exclusive Italian dinner with our guests that took place in the beautiful Terreiro do Paço.  The dinner was a blast, we had amazing conversations about dreams, travels, hilarious stories, dramatic stories, new projects… It was really inspiring be surrounded by such powerful and unique women. With the collaboration of the beauty brands Body Shop, Rituals and Douglas, we offer our followers a beauty bag full of surprises, beauty experiences and of course chocolates, because there is no way we can relax, without a chocolate 😉


Thank you to our amazing followers that made this event a crazy, funny, inspiring and wonderful Meet Up, and thank you Maxima magazine for this idea that made our Meet Up much more interesting.


What to wear to a Children´s birthday party

Once we hit 30, and specially when we become a mother, our social life changes drastically and your social events will be tones of kid´s birthday parties!

Children’s Birthday Parties will be to moms “the social event”, aka the place to be with our girl friends and the place to meet new people, meaning new moms, and of course the place where a lot of photos will be taken, so looking good is totally necessary.


The problem is how can we even think in looking good if we are going to stress out most of the time dealing with damage control, because we have to be honest there´s a lot that can go wrong. Last year my 5 year old son birthday party was suppose to be perfect, and believe me I worked hard for perfection, but my efforts were in vain, and I choose the worst day of that year. Was raining cats an dogs the entire time, and I had 25 children and I don´t even know how many parents inside the house! Needless to say it was insane, but incredibly my son found everything normal and loved the party. I just love him! :)

However I kept my principle, being a chic and elegant mother to receive all my guests at my son’s party. I think that if we don´t get dressed up for our son´s birthday party what else we will dressed up for? He´s wedding?!?! I just like to dress up, and if I have an excuse (as if I need one) better, and thank God I did it because my son told me that I looked like a princess! 😉


So what are we going to wear to such a social event, It’s not exactly like dressing for an adult birthday party, kids are messy, chocolate faces can decide to hug our legs at any moment, and usually this parties involve some form of activity that doesn’t exactly mesh well with heels or cute dry-clean only dresses.


Some moms worry about looking good, for fear that people will ask “why are you all dolled up?” Well, just ignore them, they can be tagged in their oversized sweatpants, and risk being compared to Shrek while you will look Fabulous!


We all want to leave a good impression, so dress to have fun, try to wear something you normally wouldn’t in your everyday routine and don´t worry about wearing something daring! Meaning, wear that statement skirt, wear that T-shirt with fun prints, wear those flatforms/wedges to give you some height (you may want to stay away from the stilettos though!), and incorporate some funny and colorful accessories that are out of the ordinary.

Here we leave some chic and practical solutions, to make everyone look fabulous at a  children´s party.

Children´s Party Shopping List:

The Spring pieces to buy now under 40€


Spring is finally here! With sunny days ahead, we’re ready to shed some layers and bring back the floral and more colorful looks into our lives. This season we are specially excited with the straw basket bags, that have been spotted in the arms of some of our favorite style setters. Take a look at some It-girl inspiration, as well as some of our favorite pieces under 40€, and have fun with your Spring shopping.

Spring shopping List:


Lion, the movie that will break your heart

As a mother and Human being this movie broke my heart and moved me deeply.

This powerful story told with emotion, beauty, pain and love, provides an accurate portrayal of the huge challenges facing vulnerable children in India every day, and shows us that what we do, really matter.

Adapted from the non-fiction book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley, LION is about a Indian boy (Saroo Brierley) who, after a wrong train takes him thousands of miles away from home and family, survives many challenges before being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty five years later, he sets out to find his lost family. The story seems so impossible that looks like a real miracle.

All the characters had an outstanding performance, but my favorite was little Sunny Pawar, the young boy that we just want to rescue all the time, the connection that he so perfectly shows with his older brother and mother is worth an Oscar. Nicole Kidman, with a very different image, and very similar to the real mother, give us another powerful moment when she tells her adopted son the truth about his adoption.

A very interest fact is that you only understand the name of the movie LION in the very end, almost when the credits begin.

LION had three Oscars nominations, for best supporting actor- Dev Patel,  best Supporting actress – Nicole Kidman and best picture, that I have to say are really breath taking.

This is definitely a movie to watch, but prepare a lot of tissues because you will enter an emotional journey that will show you the kind of hope we are looking for in the world.

You can watch the trailer here:




We are all Super Women, Happy International Women’s Day


Today we celebrate all the women past and present, who with courage, grace and a fierce determination, have helped create the footprints guiding so many of our footsteps today.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is Be Bold for Change, and we can count that once again women all over the world will come together to promote social, economic, cultural and political equality, because despite the evolution of time, many women struggle daily against poverty, violence, racism, inequality in the workplace and the constant tyranny of body weight and size policing to name a few.

Fashion is one of the industries that has recently been taking a stand against gender inequality, with designers like Prabal Gurung, Dior, Jonathan Simkhai and more creating merchandise that champions women’s rights and benefits women’s organizations. Here, we’ve pulled together some fabulous pieces that send a message of female empowerment and benefit our fellow ladies across the globe. Happy Women´s Day to all our super followers. #WeShouldAllBeFeminists

What is the Drouser?

Wearing a dress over trousers is nothing new, Pakistanis, for example have been wearing for as long as we can remember this ‘dress over pants’ trend.

However, if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the couture catwalks, such as Givenchy, Ellie Saab, Valentino, Chanel, you might  have noticed that the dress/trouser ensemble has gone a step further and merged into one item: the drouser.


With this coming back trend I finally discovered the wedding dress of my dreams! The problem is I´m already married 😉 and my mother wouldn’t be happy to know about my discovery, after all she was the one who gave me my beautiful wedding dress. But I have to confess that my wedding dress was not “the one”, it was beautiful, but I didn’t even cry when I finally decided to buy it (some people say that when you know it´s the one, you will cry), and I didn’t feel pretty and powerful wearing it, and I was the bride 😉

Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017
Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017

This couture drousers are so elegant and beautiful, with a modern and interesting update of the ball gown. The incorporation of trousers that come out of full-skirted satin dresses gives the classic glitzy gown a fresh and unexpected twist providing what is sure to become a red-carpet favorite and what would also make the perfect wedding dress, at least for me, because my husband is thankful that my new crush happened after our marriage 😉

But this is not just a red-carpet-only trend, the street-style set is already on board with styling trousers over dresses and is giving us just the inspiration we need to make a statement look and an instant cool-girl appeal.


So are you ready to try this new trend?

Drouser Shopping List: