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The best looks to wear this Festival Season


Festival season is upon us, and with it comes the desire to wear free-spirited, boho-inspired looks, after all Music festivals have become so much more than just dance parties. They’re the major destination for the style set to kick off spring. Coachella style (one of our favorites) might be predictable at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less fun, each year you can spot amazing and inspiring looks like denim cutoffs, flower crowns fringes, embroidered details, Bohemian-style prints, bandana neck scarves, reflective sunnies, breezy off-the-shoulder crop tops and glitzy body chains.

With festivals on the brain, we rounded up a few pieces we’re obsessed with, and no matter where you live consider them your inspiration for the upcoming season.

Festival Season shopping List:


The full coverage of our Meet Up at Maxima Beauty Summit

We love to meet with our amazing followers, we like to know their dreams, their passions, what are they doing and understand their expectations when they visit Chic Every Week. That´s why last week we invited only six followers to our exclusive Meet Up that took place at Maxima Beauty Summit. We thought that this event dedicated to beauty was the perfect place to our exclusive Meet Up.
For those who weren’t able to come, step inside with us, to catch up with all the action from our Meet Up at Máxima Beauty Summit, and we´ll promise you that next time you will want to be one of our VIP guests :)
It´s not easy to describe all the fun that we had together. Meeting with our followers and friends is incredibly rewarding, they really push us further.

The Beauty event was hosted in Páteo da Galé, and we have to say that the place was very well chosen, not only because of its pleasant atmosphere that is both historic (from the Pombaline era) and modern, but also because of its privileged location near the Tagus River and Lisbon’s main avenues.


When we arrived at the Summit we had a red carpet waiting for us to take some Hollywood kind of pictures, so we just had to do it 😉
After a lot of pictures, goofy moments and lots of laughs we finally enter in the venue, and we were amazed by how fascinating and perfect the environment was. Lights, digital panels, beauty products in holograms, interactive mirrors and some of the best beauty brands, we immediately realized that Maxima Beauty Summit was made for us!
At the entrance we were welcomed with this amazing offer – a Maxima Bag with a statement color with a lot of beauty products inside, even sunglasses you could find there, all from Schwarzkopf. How sweet was that? 😉


On the agenda there were a lot of things going on, beauty talks with special guests (the venue was a bit crowded so it was not easy to concentrate on those though), skin diagnostics, product demonstrations, makeup artists, and lots of offers. Of course we didn’t resist, so we tried everything, and I mean everything, even the main stage for the talks was taken by our group. Ok, maybe we went a little more wild then usual but the stage had an incredible digital panel behind so, we didn’t resist to take some photos by Artur Vieira, our photographer.

Some of the girls made their manicure at Nail4Us, and while we were waiting we had the opportunity to meet and have a little chat with the Nail4Us Founder, Magda Lourenço about her business and her incredible success in Portugal. Magda was also launching her new line of tattoos, and we felt in love as soon as we saw her arm full of bugs and flowers.

Because there was a lot of people attending the event, after all this was a beauty event with the signature of Maxima Magazine, and the entrance was for free, yes that’s right the entrance was for free 😉 people had to wait in line to experience the brands.

One of the brands that we got to be with, was Body Shop, and we have to tell you how inspired we were with their “The Enrich Not Exploit™” Commitment, so well described by Selma, the Marketing Manager in Portugal. The Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment  reflects the brand’s belief that business can be a force for good, which means enriching people as well as the planet, its biodiversity and resources, while also developing sustainable and ethical products. How inspiring is that? Of course we had to schedule a lunch with Selma for other day, because the Summit was not the right place to know everything about this philosophy behind such a strong name, and we can’t wait to know all the amazing things that Body Shop Company and its team have been doing to make the world a better place.


We were talking and drinking a refreshing gin when we saw this beautiful and elegant lady who stood out from the crowd. That’s when we realized that was Fernanda Soares the Editor-in-Chief of Maxima Magazine. Without thinking about it we approached her, because we had to congratulate her for the idea and the success of Beauty Summit, and for her sense of style. Her look was to dye for! So we had the opportunity to talk with Fernanda, even though it was only a few minutes, the conversation was very interesting and Fernanda was very sweet, we hope to talk again with her very soon.

After the vibrant Beauty Summit we went for an exclusive Italian dinner with our guests that took place in the beautiful Terreiro do Paço.  The dinner was a blast, we had amazing conversations about dreams, travels, hilarious stories, dramatic stories, new projects… It was really inspiring be surrounded by such powerful and unique women. With the collaboration of the beauty brands Body Shop, Rituals and Douglas, we offer our followers a beauty bag full of surprises, beauty experiences and of course chocolates, because there is no way we can relax, without a chocolate 😉


Thank you to our amazing followers that made this event a crazy, funny, inspiring and wonderful Meet Up, and thank you Maxima magazine for this idea that made our Meet Up much more interesting.


The ultimate Valentine´s Day gift guide


Valentin´s day is almost here, and we love this special date because not only love is in the air, and more then ever our world needs LOVE –  Tons of Love, but also because we can have the perfect excuse to wear statement pieces, with hearts everywhere, naughty lips and red, lots of bright red. With this in mind we round up the ultimate Valentine´s Day gift guide, hope you like it. Lots of Love Chic Every Week 😉


The best Black Friday deals to buy now

Today is Black Friday day! Are you already imagine walking down the street full of shopping bags like Blair Waldorf ?!? To make your day easier, after all sometimes black Friday can become a stressful day, we’ve selected the best Black Friday deals and remember  you can avoid the crazy shopping lines and buy online. Come on guys let´s see our money hanging in our closet 😉

ASOS – 20% off everything with code: GOGOGO

Zara – 20% off your entire purchase

Uterque – Up to 40% off Selected Stock

Bimba Y Lola – Up to 40% off Selected Stock

H&M – 20% off your entire purchase with code: 5188

Nordstrom – 20% extra off sales items

Revolve – Up to 50% off

Neiman Marcus – Up to 40% off

Baublebar – 35% off everything with code: VIP35

Moda Operandi – Up to 65% off

NET-A-PORTER – Up to 50% off

Shopbop – 15% off when spending more than $200
20% pff when spending more than $500
25% off when spending more than $800

Chicwish – Extra 25% off with code: BLK25

Topshop – Up to 50% off Selected Stock

Shein – 40% off when spending more than $55 with code: VC40
45% pff when spending more than $105 with code: VC45

The full coverage of WebSummit Lisboa 2016

Days before the WebSummit we were so excited that we couldn’t talk about anything else. We went to a party, and we met a friend, who is one of those geeks with an enormous ability for all the tech things, and of course we asked him if he was going to the WebSummit. And he answered: “It won´t be interesting, there are going to be so many people that hardly anyone can sell an idea”. With such pessimism coming from him and since we were not thinking of going to sell any idea, we answered that besides that, there were also the talks where we can hear very interesting people, and even more pessimistic, he said: “yes, but the talks you can watch online and you can see and hear them better.”

Today, after 3 days and 2 nights living and breathing WebSummit, we have an answer to our friend. You can watch a football game or a concert at home, you won´t be in the middle of the crowd, you can see everything in great quality and can review it if you missed something, so why are you going to see any of these events alive?!?! With the WebSummit it’s the same thing! The crowd and the energy is really something, sometimes it even gives you chills.


And that’s exactly what I felt at the WebSummit, we were all there for the same purpose, to get to know each other, try to do business and create partnerships, listen to new opinions and new ideas. We felt that we were always welcomed because that’s why we where all there. I met some amazing people who, at the age of 30, had already lived in the most exotic places and had the courage to open businesses in those countries where bureaucracy seems impossible. Inspiring people, who start from scratch and risk their stable job, to do what they like, struggling daily against situations, that leave most people K.O on the first round. And we need this, we need to be surround by this incredible people, who push us further and make us want to be better. NightSummit was the best time for sharing experiences, at night people weren’t so stressed, conversations were deeper and strong partnerships seemed to emerge, but only time will tell.


During the day, we also met a lot of new people that we chatted with, but everything is more frenetic because there are millions of things happening at the same time and no one wants to lose a pinch. With dozens of stages, with talks happening one after another, it was sometimes impossible to get to attend the talks we had scheduled, mainly because we couldn’t get in time, or because on our way to the next talk we met someone to talk with.


The talks in the Meo arena were beyond spectacular, the size of the arena allowed to feel the energy of 15K people. And when the speakers were really good, and they knew how to engage the audience, they would take the arena to the limit, as we saw happening with two of the talks that we assist. One of them was with the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I know that he is an actor and a hottie, so it’s normal that everyone went crazy, and it’s all true, but Joseph also killed it with his presentation about “the difference between a crowd and a community”. He really has an incredible stage presence. The minute he entered the stage he involved the audience, as well as Gary Vee who was the only speaker that got a standing  ovation.


Another fantastic thing, was the app created for the event, you probably have heard that sometimes there were problems with the net and that app didn’t work, well it’s true, but it’s also true that we rarely had problems and the app was really helpful but you could also use the paper flayer with the schedule as a backup plan.

The best thing of tha app was the chat. Imagine you wanted to talk with Miroslava Duma, yes the one and only. Getting her direct contact sometimes proves to be quite difficult, given the mediatism of the Fashion Tech guru. Now imagine that you could send her a message through the chat, ok we did not have an answer, it’s true, but we saw that she read it so we know she received the information we wanted to give her. Fortunately, this was not always the case, since we had the opportunity to schedule several meetings through the chat that allowed us to make the meetings during the event.

As was the case of Maria Zhadanova, the Head of Digital of Vogue Ukraine. It was very interesting to talk to Maria about the challenges that a fashion style magazine has in a country that sadly is going through a conflict. It’s amazing to realize that even with the strength of the name, Vogue, who has only been in the Ukraine for the past 3 years, has to overcome issues such as being accepted in a country that is in conflict, or even organizing events at such a difficult time. We pray that the conflict will end quickly and we congratulate the Vogue Ukraine team, that even in such a complicated period, and for many of us unimaginable, struggles daily to keep the magazine and its clients.

Politics, investors, entrepreneurs, professional surfers, fashion influencer, startup founders, astronauts, and the big names from the valley you could have the opportunity to meet them, take pictures or even talk and exchange some ideas, during the WebSummit. After Miroslava Duma speech about her digital empire Buro 24/7, which was very interesting, we only wish it was longer, we could finally met her. And we have to say how sweet and kind she was for us and everyone else, we could easily realize that she was in an hurry, but she couldn’t leave us hanging, so we had the opportunity to chat with Miroslava about a Portuguese Buro, unfortunately, we had bad news, we will not have a Buro here in Portugal, but there will soon be a Portuguese version, in consequence of the Brazilian market. Well, we have to live with that…


There were a lot of things that we could test in these 3 days of Summit, BMW I8 was one of those things. BMW I8 is without a doubt a luxury car, it looks sensational inside and out, the overall look of the I8 is as dramatic as you expect of any supercar. And when we were making the test drive, people were staring and taking pictures, and for seconds we felt so important 😉 but then we realize that the super star was BMW I8.  We have to tell you that i8 has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that uses a combination of electric motors, lithium-ion batteries and a turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine, to provide supercar performance along with city car running costs. Who would imagine that a car with this mix it’s still easily fast enough to put a big, stupid smile on your face 😉


In terms of overall organization, we have to congratulate the entire WebSummit team, because it was TOP. The organization team did a really great job. In terms of marketing was genius. They started early. Just a year in advance, different updates came in  our mailbox. All about attendee numbers and confirmed speakers.

The 4 pavilions and the Meo arena were always clean, imagine the trash that 50K people drinking, eating, smoking, leave behind.
Volunteers were everywhere, and easily identified from the crowd by wearing the WebSummit pink t-shirts. Always very friendly and helpful, they tried to help everyone, and if they didn’t know the answer they would try the best to get it. And it was not only in FIL that the volunteers were, at NightSummit we found a small group of 3 volunteers who were around the age of 20, with whom we immediately chat and invited to drink, and Guess What?!? They couldn’t accept it because they were working. How professional is that? 😉

Between the pavilions there was the food area, where you could buy your lunch, and the funny thing is that around 6/7 pm we can’t be sure, they simply disappear and it seemed like they had never been there. No garbage was left behind.
Water and coffee were free inside the pavilions for everyone, after all it’s an essential good 😉
Of course there are always things to improve, and that will certainly be exceeded at the next WebSummit, but for now we can only thank Paddy Cosgrave for choosing Lisbon to be the stage for an event with the visibility that WebSummit has and that made Lisbon the city that everyone was talking about. Everyone that we talked to, were impress by our city and most of them had fall in love for our sunny Lisbon and the warm weather that was felt in November.

Next year there will be more and we will be waiting for all of you with “saudade”, like only the Portuguese can feel.


This year Lisbon will be the city where the world meets, and we are going to be there

The Tech World is anxiously waiting for the Europe´s largest technology marketplace, and we can´t be more exited about it, because this year Web Summit’s Irish founder and chief executive, Paddy Cosgrave chose Lisbon to be the city host of Web Summit 2016. Ok Lisbon is our Home, but we really think that Cosgrave will not regret for choosing one of the most amazing, beautiful, and sunny cities in Europe.

Paddy admits that the Web Summit Lisboa can “act like a magnet and contribute to the local startup scene”. During this past year, we’ve actually seen Lisbon attract more and more international talent, as it has a great quality of life and for Paddy Cosgrave that’s no surprise: “In Lisbon I really like walking around the city, sitting down in a cafe to work and have a great cup of coffee – you guys have really good coffee”.

Our team will be there to make the coverage of this event, known for attracting some of techs star names, from Buro24/7 founder Miroslava Duma to Forbes´ President Mike Perlis, so if is there anyone or anything that you will like to know about, let us know and we will try our best to make it happen.img_3081

More than 50,000 attendees, from 154 countries, as tech CEOs, founders, World-class speakers, leading investors, political leaders, international media and the most promising startups across the globe will come together for four days for the most important startup gathering on the planet and a legendary networking.

NASDAQ has described how “a quarter of a trillion dollars worth of private internet companies” gather in one room

If you want to know how the world is going to be like in 2020, you have to buy your ticket as soon as possible, because Web Summit is where everyone will find the answers to the questions posed by the tech revolution we’re living through. This is definitely not a traditional conference event, this is the place where exciting startups mingle with “crème de la crème ” from the tech, finance, entrepreneurship and innovation investors, because they all will be there.

To take full advantage of an extremely large event, with so much going on at the same time, you have to plan everything, and by everything we mean chose very well the conferences that you want to attend, arrive early otherwise when you get there you may find it full. Contact the people you want to meet and schedule a few meetings throughout the week, otherwise don’t expect  investors to come and meet you. As you see the event is very much what you make of it, and it is up to you to make it worth, because the opportunities are definitely there 😉


The exclusive Chic Every Week Event at Vogue Fashion Night Out

Yesterday was the first event of Chic Every week, in the biggest shopping extravaganza, which is set to be the best yet – Vogue Fashion Night Out.

The plan was joining our dear fans and start the evening with a tour to the best Lisbon stores during the Vogue Fashion Night Out.


Exclusive discount, incredible parties, cocktails, live Djs, photo-shoots, dancing in windows, was some of the planned things by the labels that we find during our shopping evening.

Our tour began on Avenida da Liberdade and ended up in Chiado, with a dinner at the restaurantBy the Wine” where we can taste the best Portuguese wines, cheeses, iberico ham, and cold meats. Among Chic Every Week gift bags and games about fashion, the night was an extravaganza with a lot of animation and most of all we had the opportunity to get to know our fans that inspire us every day. Thanks to all for participating so enthusiastically, without you none of this would be possible!


Inside Fendi´s breathtaking show!

For its 90th anniversary, Fendi staged one of its most breathtaking shows ever! The couture collection’s theme was fittingly ‘Legends and Fairytales,’ as models walked on a clear platform that gave the illusion that they were walking on water. In background, the waterfalls never stopped running.

Fifty-six years after, in La Dolce Vita, Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni made one of the most famous scenes in film history, the Fontana di Trevi returned to be under the spotlight, this time because of a fashion show.


The choice of the place was not only about beauty and glamour. Founded in 1926, the Fendi was born precisely in Rome, a shop in Via del Plebiscito, and because of its roots Fendi donated the money needed to repair and update the fountain. The brand reportedly gave roughly $4 million to fund the project, and the Trevi reopened to the public in November 2015.

A selective group of guests, were chartered to the show via a private Fendi plane from Paris’s couture collections to Rome—the only fitting way to arrive to a show of such stature, of course 😉

Chiara Ferragni, Chriselle Lim, and Anna Dello Russo were just a few of the famous industry faces spotted in the front row, and that doesn’t even include Hollywood celebs like Kate Hudson, who made quite the entrance in a blue chiffon gown.

During his final bow alongside Fendi’s Silvia Venturini, Karl Lagerfeld threw three coins into the fountain,we wonder what’s left to Lagerfeld wish for?


See what happens when Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey join forces

Last May, President Obama host the first-ever White House summit dedicated to women and girls, and brought together thousands of people who are all working to change tomorrow for the #StateofWomen.

The goal was not to just talk about how far the country and the world has come, but how far we still need to go.The Summit was held with additional cooperation from the Tory Burch Foundation,Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, PepsiCo Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

Inspirational figures, such as Gloria Steinem, Loretta Lynch, Nancy Pelosi, Veep Joe Biden, Warren Buffet, Billie Jean King, Actresses Kerry Washington, Amy Poehler, Sophia Bush, Connie Britton and Mariska Hargitay, Shonda Rhimes, and CEOs and leaders of advocacy groups, took the stage, delivering speech after empowering speech on everything from entrepreneurship and economic opportunity to domestic violence. President Barack Obama delivered a heavy-hitting address that reminded us of the true definition of feminism, which preceded a powerful dialogue between his wife, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah asked Michelle Obama, “You are going to leave the White House most proud of ?” and without hesitation, she replied, “Truly, I am most proud of my daughters.”

She described that first day sending them off to school eight years ago with their Secret Service escorts. “They were so little, and the bulletproof glass was so thick. I thought, oh my God, I just want them to know they are loved by us. I want to raise them feeling confident, feeling a sense of normalcy and sense of obligation to do something outside of themselves, to be good people. I am very proud of those two and how they’ve managed this situation, and how they’ve continued to be themselves. Every day I cross my fingers and hope I’m doing right by them and providing them with a good foundation so that they can be great people.”


The speaker who received the most standing ovations and yells of encouragement over the course of the Summit was Me & The Bees CEO, Mikaela Ulmer. She’s eleven and on her way to building a lemonade empire. She introduced President Obama, and sat on a few panels in the Entrepreneurship breakout sessions. Not only did she extol the virtues of dreaming without limits, she talked about life/work balance. “My family is very supportive, and helps me do things I really enjoy, like hang out with my friends.”

But the Summit, importantly, is not just about talk. It’s about action. The White House announced $50 million worth of commitments to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, as well as a litany of initiatives that target key gender gaps in society. One of the major initiatives is the new White House Equal Pay Pledge, through which companies promise to conduct an annual gender pay analysis and reassess their hiring and promoting processes to ensure equity. Already, tech giants including Airbnb, Amazon, Pinterest, Salesforce, Slack, and Spotify have signed the pledge, which is key, given the drastic gender gaps that exist within the tech industry.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend this event with these inspirational speakers talking about issues so much bigger than just ourselves, don´t fill disappointed because you can watch the Summit here, and we can guarantee you that you’ll want to get out of your comfort zone today! 😉




Vogue Festival 2016

Vogue UK has been celebrating their 100th anniversary with a multitude of notable festivities, including a celebrated Kate Middleton cover and a dedicated museum exhibit at The National Portrait Gallery. But what centennial is complete without the names who have contributed to the magazine’s 100-year history? From models who have starred on the cover, to designers who have created the clothes that have graced its pages, the photographers who have been behind the lens of its most famous shoots and the editors who have shaped Vogue. Step inside with us, to catch up with all the action from this year´s two-day extravaganza.

We would need 1000 pages to describe everything we learned and saw, so we will try to keep it simple as much as possible. But one thing is certain, was a hell of a weekend and we are back with a lot of ideas from attending such an inspiring festival.

Vogue Festival is always intense, and this weekend wasn’t different. We can hardly believe what we have done in just one day. The programme was amazing, there were a lot of things happening at the same time, so we had to choose wisely 😉

The most interesting parts were definitely the talks and the masterclasses. On the talks we had the opportunity to hear the big names in fashion, such as Grace Coddington, Lucinda Chambers, Isabel Marant, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, just to name a few, talking about their experiences, tastes, opinions about a particular subject, and most of the time was impossible not to laugh with them about their hilarious visions or comments of simple things in life.


Photo: Lauren Santo Domingo and Derek Blasberg, Alexa Chung, Caroline de Maigret and Isabel Marant

When asked about her favorite thing about the fashion industry, Alexa Chung responded: ‘They put your name in front of you at dinner so you remember who you are.’ :)

The talk with Alexa Chung, Derek Blasberg and Lauren Santo Domingo, was hilarious. It was like you were in an English pub chatting and having fun with friends. They are incredibly fun and cool, but they are also very professional. One thing that the three of them told us, was that we have to work hard and always give our best at work to become relevant in such a competitive world. Yes, we all know that, but did you really think that Lauren, Derek or Alexa had to work so hard to become the successful people that they are now?!? In magazines everything seems so easy to achieve.

The talks were definitely a must, because not only you have the opportunity to meet so many famous faces, but also to ask them the questions that you always wished for. 😉

In addition to the all-star talks, this year’s masterclasses offered the opportunity for face time with leaders in their respective fields of the fashion and beauty industries. And we were there to attend the Masterclass “Breaking into fashion journalism”, and met five Vogue Editors. Nine of us sat down with one of the editors in the same round table, and every twenty minutes Editors changed places between them. Was really interesting. Here we got the opportunity to know everything about getting the story, from quick-turnaround fashion show reports to long-form features for Vogue, newspaper writing, breaking online stories, and snappy style points, learn how to find our voice, how to write original, engaging copy – and what makes an interesting pitch.


Photos from Masterclass: Vogue Crew: Nicole Mowbray, Violet Henderson, Joana Branco from our team, and Sarah Harris; a guest and Lauren Milligan.

The editors were: the Vogue’s Fashion Features Director Sarah Harris, that was wearing a killing louis vuitton leather jacket; Contributing Editor Christa D’Souza, Acting Features Editor Nicole Mowbray; Commissioning Editor Violet Henderson and News Editor Lauren Milligan, that even with a baby belly with her Mac on the top, was there to share with us her experience.


But Vogue Festival didn’t end there, we could also immerse in all things fashion in the Vogue World Tent, in which guests had access all day, in our case between talks and masterclasses.

The vogue tent was a delight for every Fashion addict like ourselves 😉 We could feature styling sessions from Vogue’s own fashion and beauty editors, like Lucinda Chambers; makeovers, manicures from Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, CND Vinylux. We could also go to Kérastase salon and do the braid that we always dream of, by Kérastase professional team.

We have to say, as we experienced this one, that the professionals from Kérastase work all day long doing non-stop braids. And all of them look so perfect that was hard do believe they were made in fifteen minutes. What a team! An exclusive fashion drawing class with David Downton and Erin O’Connor; the Vogue Cover Shoot with Harrods; the book signings, that was crazy crowded when the one and only Grace Coddington appeared to sign her big orange book, that was for sell at the Vogue Shop, here we bought some “souvenirs”, after all this was an event to remember, like a Levi´s Jacket special edition for Vogue UK 100th Birthday, this jacket is insane! T-shirt customizing, Tote Bag signing by the great Desingers Dolce and Gabbana.


Because we didn’t have a lot of free time, we decided to lunch at the Vogue Café, where we could charge our Phones, Computers, cameras… which happens to became very helpful, and we chose to lunch a super tasty, light and energetic couscous.

Vogue Festival

As you can imagine, after a long day of such an intense fashion day, we were exhausted. But it was worth every minute, after all we were breathing fashion all day. What more could we have asked? 😉