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5 Ways to become  more positive person

5 Ways to become more positive person

Do you ever feel like sometimes you need this extra push to stay positive and simply feel happier? Do you ever feel like nothing works and all your efforts bring no results? Don’t worry. We can reassure you, that you’re not the only one struggling with keeping a smile on your face and staying motivated every single day. We all feel tired, sad or frustrated from time to time, but these 5 tips will hopefully help you to change your life and become a more positive person.

  1. Be grateful

Starting a daily gratitude practice is one of the best ways to instantly become a more positive person. Expressing gratitude can increase joy, which in return can can increase gratitude. How to start? Begin by simply writing down or saying out loud three things you are thankful for each day. Practise it for at least few days and let the magic happen.

2. Change your language

Words are one of the most powerful tool we have. Why would you use it against yourself? Using positive or negative words can make a huge difference in how we feel and the way others perceive us. That’s why it is very important to always speak nicely to ourselves, but also people around us. Building a positive speaking habit can change your life.

3. Be kind

Being kind to other people is crucial, but being kind to yourself is a key to happiness. Different acts of kindness towards others can bring you fulfilment and really make your day a better one. However, being consistently kind to yourself on a daily basis – can truly make you a happier person. Don’t be too critical towards your own actions or mistakes, don’t be so hard on yourself. Always, remember that we are all humans and every day is a learning day.

4. Exercise

It’s proven, that being active not only helps you to become a healthier person, but also a happier person. Taking care of your body is very rewarding and you don’t have to train for a marathon to see the results. Only 10 min workout, walk or a yoga session a day, will make a significant difference to both – your body and the mental state.

5. Dress CHIC

We all know, that when you look good, you feel good and you perform at a much higher level in your personal and professional life. And we couldn’t agree with it more. It’s proven, that what you wear really has an impact on your self-esteem, that’s why, we created the CHIC Every Weather app, not only to help you look better, but also feel better. With our daily outfit inspiration, you will make more conscious decisions, choosing pieces that make you happy and comfortable.



Edyta Biardzka

Edyta Biardzka is 23-year-old PR and Media student at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She comes from Poland and moved to Scotland in the age of 18. Edyta likes change, meeting new people and travelling. With the appetite for learning and desire to undertake new challenges, she created a blog, that reflects her passion towards the fashion industry. In her free time, Edyta likes to party and write her journal in cool coffee shops in town.

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