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The ‘no-makeup makeup’ look: The power in the Parisian bare-faced trend

The ‘no-makeup makeup’ look: The power in the Parisian bare-faced trend

Paris: the city of love, culture and of course, beautiful women.

How do they do it? Parisians tend to rock the “just rolled out of bed but still looking bright eyed and lit from within” look so effortlessly that it nearly puts the American make up trends to shame. According to French make-up artists, the philosophy behind it is that makeup is used to enhance the facial features you love rather than to hide the ones that you don’t. The French love to allow their real skin to breathe and shine through – it’s all about enjoying a fresh faced, sheer coverage look, and it’s not just for smooth-skinned models. There’s something very empowering in embracing your face and in looking at makeup as a fun opportunity to boost your self-confidence instead of a time-consuming morning activity you use to cover up your skin, and this is exactly what the French wish to get across in their barely-there makeup looks.

Here are a few tricks on how to rock the “no-makeup makeup” look:

Skincare first, makeup second

First things first, if the emphasis is on your skin, you’ll want your skin to look its best. Parisian girls consider skincare more important than makeup; after all, if your base looks good, your makeup will complement it. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and repeat, every day and night. Use products that fit your skin type and that target the areas you’re most insecure about. Soon, you’ll want to show off your natural skin! Switch that foundation for a trusty moisturizer and you’re already on your way.

Use liquid products that melt into your skin

When you can, opt for liquid or cream products: liquid highlighter, liquid blush or liquid bronzer! Especially when applied with a beauty sponge, these types of products have the power of just melting in and becoming one with your skin.

Brighten those inner corners

A big part of no-makeup makeup is making you look more awake in a subtle way. An easy way to do this is to apply a bit of white eyeliner or eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and blending it out with your finger. Instantly convince yourself (and others) that you got enough sleep!

Thylane Blondeau
Thylane Blondeau

Blot your lipstick

Though lip balm or a creamy nude lipstick is the best way to make your lips look juicy and still natural, it can be fun to go for colorful shades when you feel a bit more daring! To make it look more subtle and simultaneously more long lasting, try blotting your lipstick with a paper towel – it helps blend the color into your lips.

A little blush for good luck 

Melanie Laurent
Melanie Laurent

Though blush may seem scary even to those who love to cake on their makeup, I have found that a very light hand of a neutral colored blush can add such a youthful and sun-kissed flush to the skin, especially when applied on the apples of the cheek and the tip of the nose. It helps mimic what your skin will naturally, which is the essence of effortless makeup.

Despite what it may seem, minimal makeup is for everyone! Although Instagram may make it look like it’s reserved for those of us who have been blessed with clear skin, perfect eyebrows and a full 8 hours of sleep every night, anyone, of any age or skin type, can indulge in this trend. It is more than just a method of applying makeup: it is an exercise in self-love and a choice to celebrate your face. Live out your inner Parisian girl with this careless (but also careful) look. Join in!

Here a some products to rock the no-makeup makeup look:


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