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What is the Drouser?

Wearing a dress over trousers is nothing new, Pakistanis, for example have been wearing for as long as we can remember this ‘dress over pants’ trend.

However, if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the couture catwalks, such as Givenchy, Ellie Saab, Valentino, Chanel, you might  have noticed that the dress/trouser ensemble has gone a step further and merged into one item: the drouser.


With this coming back trend I finally discovered the wedding dress of my dreams! The problem is I´m already married 😉 and my mother wouldn’t be happy to know about my discovery, after all she was the one who gave me my beautiful wedding dress. But I have to confess that my wedding dress was not “the one”, it was beautiful, but I didn’t even cry when I finally decided to buy it (some people say that when you know it´s the one, you will cry), and I didn’t feel pretty and powerful wearing it, and I was the bride 😉

Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017
Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017

This couture drousers are so elegant and beautiful, with a modern and interesting update of the ball gown. The incorporation of trousers that come out of full-skirted satin dresses gives the classic glitzy gown a fresh and unexpected twist providing what is sure to become a red-carpet favorite and what would also make the perfect wedding dress, at least for me, because my husband is thankful that my new crush happened after our marriage 😉

But this is not just a red-carpet-only trend, the street-style set is already on board with styling trousers over dresses and is giving us just the inspiration we need to make a statement look and an instant cool-girl appeal.


So are you ready to try this new trend?

Drouser Shopping List:

The corset trend is Back!


The waist-slimming accessory is back and of course with a bit of controversy, after all we are talking about the piece of garment from the 1800s that constrained waists (and not only) and defined femininity. But time have passed, so did the corset. However like many trends is back again, but purely for style purposes.

Celebrities, top bloggers and style setters are finding fresh ways to wear this this statement piece, and they wear it with everything. Dresses, t-shirts, blazer, skirts and trousers, you can throw it over pretty much anything and you have the number one way to accentuate your waist and a super-easy offer to update your outfit this season.

Corset shopping list:




Will you try this insanely cool boots?

img_2954 img_2955

Louis Vuitton star trail ankle boots, that are taking the footwear scene by storm are our new obsession. Wear them with trousers, skirts  or dresses (this two are definitely our favorites) and your entirely look will became insanely cool and powerful. Are you ready to try this cool-girl trend?

Shopping List – The real deal and parallel universe:


The street-style trend that every fashion girl is wearing right now


Bomber jackets were one of biggest trends to be spotted on the street style scene, during fashion month. Celebrities, bloggers, street style stars can’t get enough of this effortless outerwear style that is the perfect transitional piece for that awkward summer-to-fall time that we’re in right now.

Scroll down and get ready to meet your new must-have jacket this season.


The must-have pieces to take Fall as an It girl

Summer is almost over! Yes we know it´s hard to say good bye to the fantastic days on the beach and our amazing collection of bikinis! But let´s face it, we already miss the fresh scent of the rain when it falls in to the earth, that SCIRO had called “petrichor”. And yes we have a new word to describe the rain scent 😉 So as we were saying we already miss petrichor, and the Autumnal scene with yellow, orange and red leaves on trees that will start falling on the ground, and most of all we are anxious waiting to see and try the new collections and shop for the new season. To help you attack your busy schedule in style, after all everyone is returning to school and to work, shop our guide for all the must-have pieces to take Fall as an It girl.

The Punk-Chic shoes everyone is crazy about!

When I was 7 years old I asked my mother to take me to Ballet classes, and my mother asked me: “Do you want to go to learn Ballet or do you want to go just to have the opportunity to wear Ballerina clothes?” My mother was not far from the truth 😉 I was really fascinated by the clothes, but I also loved to watch them dance. After that I started my ballet lessons for 10 years, and I don´t regret a bit!
Today, many years later my enthusiasm was the same, as the mini-me, when I saw Miu Miu Ballet flats. They are crazy cool with a punk-chic soul like Miu Miu so well describe this beauties. But I´m not the only one, because this new shoes are the most wanted this year, and it´s easy to see it since the pink version have already sold out.
And because this dreamy shoes are not for everyone´s wallet, here are some other more affordable brands with a look-a-like model.
.Shopping list – The real deal and look-a-like model:



The It Jeans every Fashion Girl is wearing

It looks like we officially have a new It pair of jeans on our radar. Frame’s brand-new style, Le Mix made a limited-edition jeans (just 400 pairs) boast a trio of the coolest trends in denim right now: patchwork, an uneven hem, and a low-slung silhouette.

Le Mix style, was created using “upcycled” Frame fabric, taken from returned items and leftover stock. “We are continually looking for ways to innovate and when possible find interesting sustainable solutions, all in the process of creating covetable pieces,” co-founder Erik Torstensson explains.

As usual other brands are now offering similar and affordable versions of this new sensation, here are a few suggestions, tell us if you already fall in love with this fresh jeans with the the two-tone wash!


Shopping List the real deal and similar ones:


Are you ready to be the chicest among your friends?

This season we are completely surrendered to the off-the-shoulder top and dress, and we are not the only ones, street style stars, bloggers and fashion designers have been dishing out quite the selection of this outfit formula this season. They are no longer a trend, they are a must-Have! They are flattering, flirty and a pragmatic option to keep cool on warm summer days, and the best way of showing your sexy side while staying elegant at the same time. What more could you want from a single article of clothing?  In our gallery you’ll find a selection of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses for every summer activity under the sun, from brunch with friends to a hot date night.Tell us your favorites!



Off-the-Shouder Shopping List:


We can help you Find your swimsuit soul mate!

Beach season is here! Hello holiday feeling!

And we are ready, or maybe not 😉 We’ve been going to the gym, working on our abs or we’ve actually been eating chocolates and watching Netflix, either way the endless beach days of summer are upon us and we need the coolest swim gear of all times 😉

Unexpectedly sexy, high-neck tops are fully on our swimwear radar and are bound to be a hit this summer, a sophisticated French Riviera vibe is always a must, or if  you feel most comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but also have the burning desire to look like a total bombshell on the beach, a sexy cut-out style is made for you. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain retro shapes and statement cuts are big news right now.

To help you get your swimsuit soul mate, we’ve rounded up some glam and cool options that are really killing it.

We can already fill the sun kissing our skin, hearing the sound of the sea, in a lounge-chair drinking cocktails 😉


Shopping List:

The right shoes when you don’t know what to wear

IMG_0893As with anything designed by Coco Chanel herself, the classic pump in beige with it’s iconic black cap toe (the beige and black combo was designed to both lengthen the leg and shorten the foot) that reminds me the shoes that my grandmother use to wear, and it has been a staple of the house since it was brought to life in 1957, is back but in a more contemporary version.

This shoe is so versatile, that was the only one used by Karl Lagerfeld for all 97 looks of Chanel´s Fall 2015 runway. Dresses, trousers, three piece suits and evening gowns were all paired with this timeless shoes. So this is a “must-have” shoe in our closet, because when we are agonizing over which shoe to pick, Chanel is always the right and safe choice.

Just look how street style girls wear these pumps with jeans and other casual pieces mixing classy and sophisticated items with the latest trends, incorporating theses beauties into their everyday stylings.

Chanel inspired Shopping List: