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How to get the job of your dreams

How to get the job of your dreams

How to get the job of your dreams? I feel this question doesn’t only apply to the recent graduates. Our CEO always says that it’s extremely important to like your job, simply because it’s a big part of your life. However, we totally understand it may seem to be a little challenging these days to get the job of your dreams, but trust us – it’s not impossible. The truth is that anything can be done with motivation and persistence. Check out our step-by-step guide in landing your dream job.

Ask yourself what makes you really happy

First of all, in order to get anything you want, the most important aspect is to know what you truly want. Therefore, the first step is to actually identify your dream job and the qualities that you need. Take a piece of a paper and write down everything that makes you happy or fulfilled. You dream job should be a position that you really love to do. While identifying your dream job, think about your personal values and core beliefs that are the most important to you. This will help you to really focus on what you are truly looking for in your dream career.

Write down your personal goals 

This may sound a bit overrated, but writing down your personal goals can really help you to self-reflect and realise what moments or activities are truly meaningful for you. Having your goals on the paper will help to actually focus on your passions and create a plan how to pursuit your dream career.

Identify the skills required for your dream job 

Once you identify your dream job, the key part is to do some research about the skills you need to have to actually acquire the job. Depending on the skills required, you may be able assess which skills you already posses and which ones you have to work on.

Get in touch with mentors and other professionals 

Getting the advice from people who are already working in the field you are aiming for is really essential. They can tell you all the insights of the career or role you are dreaming about and you may also get the guidance on what you should do to actually get there. Finding a mentor who is working closely with the individuals from the field you are pursuing could be a real game-changer. You should listen to all the advice they are willing to give you and even ask them if you could shadow them for a day, so you learn more about their job.

Tailor you resume 

Your CV is the first impression your potential future employer can get of you. Therefore, it should be really spotless. You can’t forget that your professional and educational experience should be tailored to the position you’re applying for :) In this way, your employer will know what you can offer them and that you are aware of the requirements.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion during the interviews 

Many times I’ve heard that attitude is everything and it’s quite right. Let’s be honest, sometimes you may not have all the skills or educational requirements needed for the position. However, it should never stop you from applying for the job, because your personality, energy and the way you are really matters! Very often, employers are looking for motivated and positive team members. Demonstrating your “soft skills” and drive will help you to make up for your lack of expertise.

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