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“The Crown” is back and Princess Diana takes the spotlight again

“The Crown” is back and Princess Diana takes the spotlight again

The season 4 of one of the most popular British shows on Netflix “The Crown” has already arrived with the long-awaited by fans appearance of Princess Diana. The 10-episode season will focus more not only on the relationship of Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) and Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), but also on the Queen’s dynamic with Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) – The British Prime Minister.

As the Royal Family, enters the 1980s, the 4th season covers all the political drama that was happening during the Thatcher’s governance, such as Britain’s tense relationship with South Africa, the Falklands War or the IRA attacks. However, as mentioned before, the season will show a lot of moments from the early relationship of Diana and Charles, followed by their wedding and the problems of their marriage, as the the prince continues his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Everyone was waiting for the debut of Princess Diana in the show, which is played by the young actress Emma Corrin. The appearance of Lady Di also means that we will have some great fashion moments to remember, as she was known to be a fashion icon and a reference in the fashion world.

The new episodes include scenes from the Royal Couple’s tour of Australia in 1983, where the Diana (Emma Corrin) was wearing a lovely white dress from the visit to Ayers Rock and another one with the bright pink polka-dot dress famously worn during the visit in Perth.

We have to admit the costume department really did a great job, accurately copying all the details from Diana’s outfits. The new season seems is really exciting and Princess Diana takes the spotlight again from the other royal members. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new season.


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