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We can help you Find your swimsuit soul mate!

Beach season is here! Hello holiday feeling!

And we are ready, or maybe not 😉 We’ve been going to the gym, working on our abs or we’ve actually been eating chocolates and watching Netflix, either way the endless beach days of summer are upon us and we need the coolest swim gear of all times 😉

Unexpectedly sexy, high-neck tops are fully on our swimwear radar and are bound to be a hit this summer, a sophisticated French Riviera vibe is always a must, or if  you feel most comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but also have the burning desire to look like a total bombshell on the beach, a sexy cut-out style is made for you. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain retro shapes and statement cuts are big news right now.

To help you get your swimsuit soul mate, we’ve rounded up some glam and cool options that are really killing it.

We can already fill the sun kissing our skin, hearing the sound of the sea, in a lounge-chair drinking cocktails 😉


Shopping List:

The right shoes when you don’t know what to wear

IMG_0893As with anything designed by Coco Chanel herself, the classic pump in beige with it’s iconic black cap toe (the beige and black combo was designed to both lengthen the leg and shorten the foot) that reminds me the shoes that my grandmother use to wear, and it has been a staple of the house since it was brought to life in 1957, is back but in a more contemporary version.

This shoe is so versatile, that was the only one used by Karl Lagerfeld for all 97 looks of Chanel´s Fall 2015 runway. Dresses, trousers, three piece suits and evening gowns were all paired with this timeless shoes. So this is a “must-have” shoe in our closet, because when we are agonizing over which shoe to pick, Chanel is always the right and safe choice.

Just look how street style girls wear these pumps with jeans and other casual pieces mixing classy and sophisticated items with the latest trends, incorporating theses beauties into their everyday stylings.

Chanel inspired Shopping List:

Weekend´s suggestion


Weekend is finally here! Whether we´ll go to the park and have fun playing with the kids, take a coffee with friends or do some shopping, we all want to stay chic but there´s no denying that comfort´s still a goal. Ribbed-knit dress, is our suggestion for this weekend. This go-to trend is comfortable, flattering and is perfect for nailing a cool-girls look with almost zero effort, and reads incredibly polished when paired with the right accessories. Here are our suggestions, fill free to share with us your weekend´s look using #CEWlook on Instagram or Twitter. We’ll use some of them on next week’s post.

Shopping List:


The Polo Shirt, a classic in our closet

Polo ShirtWho doesn’t remember wearing a polo shirt? The classic shirt we all owned decades ago is back in fashion and better than ever. The style has been reinvented and send down the runway more sophisticated and refined then ever. Pair it with a dressy skirt and heels, or go sportif-chic in jeans and stylish shoes, and you´ll find a fun way to continue playing with this classic sporty trend this season.

Polo Shirts Shopping List:




Welcome Spring!


Spring is finally here, and there´s no better time to breathe some fresh air into our wardrobe. Spring vibes are everywhere, and the days are getting longer. So are you ready for a Spring shopping? I don´t know about you guys, but my wardrobe is screaming for colors and flowers;)

Shopping Spring:


Trade your Skinny Jeans for this new style


Fully embraced by street style stars, flare jeans are making a major comeback! Finally I can put away for a while my skinny jeans, and OMG my legs will be so thankful, because let´s face it flare jeans are much more comfortable then having a super slim legs. This trend comes with a variety of benefits that will make you want to wear them all season. The bell helps elongate your legs, especially with higher waists and platforms, and with the crop flare jeans you can put your stunning pair of shoes, and make them the “pièce de résistance” of your look. Still not convinced in replace your skinny jeans? Here are some options under 100€ so you can fill confident taking the plunge.

Flare Jeans Shopping List:

Fringes, the Bohemian Look


One thing is certain, fringes look so amazing in photos, make you think that the person who is wearing them is having a lot of fun, and to me that´s a good feeling. As you can see in the gallery this trend as been a noticeable presence on the street style circuit as well as in the catwalks. Fringes have the power of looking trendy and versatile, and can go from a music festival style to a office look, but always give to an outfit a bohemian touch. What do you think of this trend, it´s already a most have in your closet?

Shopping List – Fringes under $30:



Leopard-print Slacks


Yesterday i needed something to cheer me up, so I went for a quick shopping, and  I found in Zara this animal print pants, with a great fabric, in green and white. And the price was crazy, in a good way 😉 just  €9,99. They remind me Olivia Palermo black-and-white leopard-print slacks from Banana Republic. Shopping sometimes is the best therapy 😉

Shopping List – Zara leopard-print slacks under $10:




Plaid shirt


As you can see plaid button down shirts are everywhere. Rails is the California brand that celebrities can´t get enough, known for their comfortable plaid shirts. You can style them with a skirt for a office ensemble, or pair with jeans for a casual coffee. For me this look is perfect for my weekends, to go and play with the kids in the park or have a lunch with my friends.

Shopping list – The real deal and similar ones under $50:



Neck Scarf, the perfect touch to your look


Scarves have made a huge come back, street style crowd is going crazy for the neck scarf, it could be a casual bandana or a fancier printed silk option.
These trend also brings me on of my best memories from my childhood, my sweet grand mother. My grand mother use to wear neck scarves in many occasions, and she always looked so elegant and exquisite. This trend adds the perfect touch of femininity and sophistication to a work outfit or a weekend look. Here are some options and ideas, hope you like them 😉