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The Ballet classes that everyone is talking about and attending right now

The Ballet classes that everyone is talking about and attending right now

If you are a Ballet lover like ourselves, you are going to be super excited to hear about this. Sarah De-Feu, the amazing English National Ballet School trained dancer, is offering Ballet classes. Yes, that’s correct! The classes are completely free! Streamed on Instagram and Facebook Live, Sarah AKA ‘The Ballet Coach’ is leading 14 classes weekly from ‘Little Ones’ to Adult stretch and from intermediate to ‘Grandmas and Grandpas’. She also has her YouTube Channel. With all of us largely in doors at present, she found a way to make sure she can still teach her pupils, and now, thousands more.

Sarah has received stellar feedback, people from all ages are loving these online classes. We could not agree more, we already try to do a class and it felt so good after so many years without stepping into a ballet hall. Sarah is so friendly,  she explains everything very well and she’s also pushing us to try our best. The kids classes are super funny. Picture this, teaching Ballet to 4 years old kids, through a visit to an animals farm, for example. Can you imagine how exited the kids get? Animals and dance, the perfect combination;)

So if you want to try something different that doesn’t involve the usual gym tools or doing burpees, or if you just want to try a new skill, this could be the perfect introductory route into learning the classical dance from the comfort and privacy of your living room and you don’t have to spend a dollar.

Follow Sarah on Instagram @theballetcoach for more ballet content, as well as schedules of all live classes.

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