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Fashion through the eyes of a mother and agronomist

Fashion through the eyes of a mother and agronomist

It was very thoughtful of Chic Every Week to ask me to write a post about fashion.
I feel that I know nothing about fashion; however, I do like to feel comfortable with the way I look.
I am definitely inspired by the current tendencies but why do I feel great sometimes while others I leave home feeling like a rag?
And it’s so good to feel good! I have double the energy (even if I didn’t get a good night sleep), I wish the day will never end and I would risk to say that I am even a better professional when I do feel good about myself!

In my case, having the perfect look doesn’t necessarily mean high heels. As an agronomist, I do have to go into the fields sometimes and I like to feel good but that requires being dressed for the occasion!


At the gym, sweat can actually look sexy if upon the right sweater.

The flat shoes that I use to go to the supermarket can look flattering with the right shirt and trousers.
Playing in the park with my children plays an important role in my life but my jeans and sneakers don’t necessarily have to make me look like another child.
Taking care of the children at home can be greater if I take a glance in the mirror and feel good with what I see.
Doing the laundry can be a gratifying task when wearing the right clothes, even if there is no one around to see.
In short, looking good is motivating and dignifying for me!

IMG_4606So what is the trigger for putting on the right look?
Feeling good on the inside.
In my case, the look is a direct reflection of my state of mind, so if I feel good on the inside, I will look good on the outside…there are no tricks for me. Looking good (or bad) is a straight consequence of what I feel. My transparency goes on to that!
So, dear Chic Every Week, next time you think that I look awesome, that’s the way I feel!


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About The Autor

Joana Lopes Aleixo Cumbre

Joana is an agronomist in Portugal, and a mother of two beautiful and full of life girls. When she´s not working, usually during the weekends you can spot her at her countryside family home in Alentejo, her special place, where with her husband and daughters they rest and relax to recharge batteries.