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10 remote jobs that will allow you to become a digital nomad

10 remote jobs that will allow you to become a digital nomad

We all love travelling… Or at least most of us! Have you ever thought how nice it would be to get paid to travel? Well, let’s be honest, unless you are a social media influencer, no one will really pay you to travel but….there are people who work while they travel! And this could be YOU!

During the last years, the amount of people who travel around the world, while working remote using just the internet, is growing really fast. The concept is quite simple – they just take their computer and keep travelling! These people are known as digital nomads, and just as impressive and unreachable as it sounds for many, it’s actually quite easy to start this adventurous lifestyle.

Now you may think “ok, but where do I start?”. The good news is that there is plenty of websites where you can find your dream remote job. If you are looking for a stable, contracted position, we recommend these websites: VirtualVocationsFlexJobsLinkedInIndeedWe Work Remotely. However, if you prefer more freelance opportunities, you should definitely check these: FreelancerVemployFiverrUpworkGuru.

Once you know, where to start searching, you should decide what is it that you’re looking for. That’s why, we’ve prepared a list of professions that can be done remotely and allow you to enjoy life in all those breathtaking digital nomad destinations.

Social Media Manager

Almost all companies these days have a social media presence. Bigger companies have either their own social media managers or hire marketing agencies to manage their channels. Social media managers help to create social media content and manage the engagement on the platforms. They schedule the posts, reply to messages, respond to comments, which is actually a great job, if you want to start your career as a digital nomad.

Language Teacher

This is one of the most common jobs you do, if your are a native speaker of one of the most demanded languages, such as English, Spanish, German or French. Even though, being a language teacher doesn’t seem like a remote job, you’ll be surprised. With today’s technology you can run online classes on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Google Meet. There is honestly so much you can do! We also recommend to do a TEFL certificate, which will help you to develop your career as a language teacher.


If you are good at writing you can start your copywriting career even today! Copywriters can literally work from anywhere in the world as long as they can communicate with their clients (just as many other professions mentioned in this article). Another cool thing about copywriting is that it gives you a lot of freedom in terms of topics and styles, and what’s more important – you can work for a variety of clients at the same time.


If you have a talent for writing and want to write for yourself, the easiest way is to create a blog. While many people think blogging is about travel, food or fashion, it can be about absolutely anything you are interested in! It definitely could become a career and also one of the best digital nomad jobs.

Video Producer/ Editor

Nowadays there is a really big demand for video producers and editors. The easiest way is to start creating short movies about something that you are passionate about, learn how to cut and add different effects. Once you master your skills, you can start taking on simple jobs for the clients.

Graphic Designer

There is a huge amount of people who do the graphic design remotely. Therefore, it’s naturally a good digital nomad job. You can use social media to promote your work and gain clients.

Virtual Assistant

This is a perfect job for someone, who’s about to start their digital nomad journey. A virtual assistant is just the remote version of the personal assistant, who does small tasks for different companies.

UI/UX Designer

User Experience or User Interface Designers are focused on evaluating how users interact with technology and design.   This job is consistent and well paid, however requires specific skills, which are definitely worth investing into, as it could be a great start to your amazing career.

Customer Support Representative

Lots of companies need a customer service team available to support customers with any issues. Many individuals who are working in the customer support team, usually help people on social media platforms or different forums, therefore the job could allow you to be anywhere you want. This is also a great role for someone who hasn’t worked as a digital nomad yet.

App Developer 

If you are into technology and you have the skills set needed in this field, this job would be perfect for you! App developers build layouts, features and functions of the applications. Also, this the demand for talented developers continue to increase.



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