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10 ideas to teach your children the Christmas spirit

10 ideas to teach your children the Christmas spirit

Christmas is a truly magical time of the year and we are all excited to celebrate it, especially the children. However, even the most generous spirited children can be more focused on what they want to get rather than what they can give. That’s why, it’s really important to teach them about the real meaning of this special time. So here are some great and funny ways you can help your kids learn the spirit of giving this Christmas!

1 . Help family in need with groceries

Shopping groceries for a local family in need can really teach your kids about sharing and helping other people.

2. Donate toys, clothes and books

A little clean-out before Christams is always necessary, but at the same time it’s a great way to help your kids to understand the idea of giving to others. Toys, clothes and books that no longer serves your children, can be given to the charity and reused by someone else.

3. Visit Elderly people in your local area 

If you want to know how to make other people happy, you should visit the Elderly from your community during this special time. This year, lots of people can struggle with loneliness, especially some older people who may live far from their families. Therefore, visiting them with your kids and singing a few carols together can only bring a pure joy and smile.

4. Leave a treat for a postman

Leaving a nice treat for a postman in your mailbox can really brighten their day. It really doesn’t have to anything big, something simple can make them smile and feel appreciated.

5. Bake with your children some cookies to share with other kids in the kindergarden 

This may seem very simple, but receiving a small treat with no reason will make other kids day! It will also show your kids that making other people smile is one of the most rewarding things.

6. Volunteer with your kids 

Find an opportunity to volunteer with your kids. It’s a really beautiful way of spending a quality time with your children and showing them that helping others is really fun!

7. Sponsor a child 

Sponsoring a child from a third world country, can really make a great change the child’s life. Ironically, it doesn’t cost much at all, but you can provide the kid with an education and nutrition and health care that they really need. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can check this website for more information

8. Host a Christmas sweater party 

Host a Christmas sweater party, and ask your guests to wear a festive sweater and to donate $5 to the children in Land of Hope. You can make a video with all the guests singing a Christmas song and send it by email to the Land of Hope Children.

9. Make giving part of pocket money

You may have heard of the three pocket money jars – one for saving, one for spending and one for sharing. Christmas can be a great time for your child to choose a charity to give their ‘sharing’ money. It’s such a beautiful and meaningful idea at the same time.

10. Arrange a Christmas play date

Organise a full of fun afternoon for your little ones and ask the kids to do some Christmas’ drawings so you can go with them to the Hospital parking lot and leave the drawings on the car windows. We can reassure this will make EVERYONE smile.

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