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Why You Need to Watch Brené Brown Netflix Special

Why You Need to Watch Brené Brown Netflix Special

Today we are not writing about the last minute releases from Netflix. Actually it was realise in 2019, but because we realised that a lot o people including some girls from our team didn’t had the chance to watch this inspiring show, we decided that we should share with all of you our thoughts about The Call to Courage by Brené Brown.

For the ones who don’t know her yet, Brené Brown inadvertently propelled herself into the spotlight following the viral TED talks about vulnerability. She’s also the best-seller author of several books, including Dare to Lead, The Gifts of Imperfection, and the most popular one of all, Daring Greatly.

After this, Netflix made the decision to give this inspirational lady a global streaming platform to share her ideas and philosophy and we could not be more thankful.

When you shut down vulnerability, you shut sown opportunity – Brené Brown

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage, is a special about how bravery arises from engaging with our deepest vulnerabilities. What make this show so incredible is how personal it is, and how down-to-earth Brown is throughout the show. Brené speaks about both her research and her own struggles to be more vulnerable, including anecdotes from her family life as a wife and mother of two. Her words have a way of encapsulating truths you’d never really thought about before. It’s also very interesting to see at the same time the audience reactions from clapping, cheering, laughing to crying or nodding their head in agreement.

So if you want to spend a nice evening and feel inspired by such wise words from this Woman, that makes us feel that our problems and concerns are her problems and concerns and we are not alone, you should definitely watch this.

Here is a sneak peak of René Brown magic words:

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