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The Netflix documentary that everyone needs to watch

The Netflix documentary that everyone needs to watch

David Attenborough filmed his first wildlife documentary while Sierra Leone was still a British colony. This English natural historian and broadcaster has seen more of the natural world than most of the people on this planet. Last Month, his new moving documentary “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet” had its premiere on Netflix. The documentary will find he 94-year-old reflecting on his career, and the “devastating” changes he has seen in the natural world as a result of human industrial developments.

The documentary starts with the scene on deserted territory of Chernobyl nuclear plant (Ukraine), that became uninhabitable after the catastrophe. Only at the end of the movie we can see nature’s miracle in this place which turned this forgotten area into a wildlife paradise.

The documentary is full of incredible nature photography. The directors show all the upsetting things that have been happening on our planet over the last years, such as loss of rain forests or emptying of oceans. The film also presents how much damage to the nature was done by humans in order to create more profit. Attenborough says “We moved from being a part of nature to being apart from nature”, how sad and true is this sentence…

One of the most devastating parts of the documentary are the predictions for the future decades, which include further consequences of the climate change and the global crisis. In the film, Attenborough managed to present the answers we need now and hopefully our generations will realise sooner than later that our planet is in a real danger.

Here is the trailer, of the documentary where Attenborough delivers a sharp, shocking lesson about how our planet has a chance of survival if we act now:

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