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Soul, a must-see animated masterpiece

Soul, a must-see animated masterpiece

“Soul” is the new movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures and it seems like everyone loves it so far! This is the kind of film, which is perfect to watch with the whole family – kids, teens and parents and trust us, everyone will learn something from it, or at least find it as an inspiration to appreciate things we most of the times take for granted.

The main character of the cartoon is Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), who is a music teacher and a jazz pianist dreaming about a career as a jazz musician. After finally getting his dreamy opportunity to perform a huge concert, Joe has a near-death experience. But Joe knows he has to perform, he refuses to go to heaven, after all this is what he has been waiting for his entire career, so he isn’t ready for The End. Instead, he escapes the walkway and finds himself in the zone known as The Great Before, where he mets an “unborn” soul – 22 (Tina Fey). Joe’s new friend is a quite problematic character, as she has a choice to go to Earth, however doesn’t want to make that decision, as she doesn’t see a purpose in the life on Earth.

The co-director of the movie Pete Docter and the screen writer Kemp Powers made sure the film has a light touch, despite pretty serious themes. The movie is really enjoyable to watch and full of funny moments. The soundtrack is fantastic, with a compilation of all 23 score pieces by Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor and Jon Batiste.

This comedy-drama is definitely worth watching, as it really carries a powerful, message for everyone, about our purpose in life, about our spark and about our music. “Soul” shows us that sometimes the real happiness can be found in the very ordinary things and sometime we need to take a step back to actually be able to see it. How accurate is this lesson for the current times we are living in?

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