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The full coverage of our Meet Up at Maxima Beauty Summit

The full coverage of our Meet Up at Maxima Beauty Summit

We love to meet with our amazing followers, we like to know their dreams, their passions, what are they doing and understand their expectations when they visit Chic Every Week. That´s why last week we invited only six followers to our exclusive Meet Up that took place at Maxima Beauty Summit. We thought that this event dedicated to beauty was the perfect place to our exclusive Meet Up.
For those who weren’t able to come, step inside with us, to catch up with all the action from our Meet Up at Máxima Beauty Summit, and we´ll promise you that next time you will want to be one of our VIP guests :)
It´s not easy to describe all the fun that we had together. Meeting with our followers and friends is incredibly rewarding, they really push us further.

The Beauty event was hosted in Páteo da Galé, and we have to say that the place was very well chosen, not only because of its pleasant atmosphere that is both historic (from the Pombaline era) and modern, but also because of its privileged location near the Tagus River and Lisbon’s main avenues.


When we arrived at the Summit we had a red carpet waiting for us to take some Hollywood kind of pictures, so we just had to do it 😉
After a lot of pictures, goofy moments and lots of laughs we finally enter in the venue, and we were amazed by how fascinating and perfect the environment was. Lights, digital panels, beauty products in holograms, interactive mirrors and some of the best beauty brands, we immediately realized that Maxima Beauty Summit was made for us!
At the entrance we were welcomed with this amazing offer – a Maxima Bag with a statement color with a lot of beauty products inside, even sunglasses you could find there, all from Schwarzkopf. How sweet was that? 😉


On the agenda there were a lot of things going on, beauty talks with special guests (the venue was a bit crowded so it was not easy to concentrate on those though), skin diagnostics, product demonstrations, makeup artists, and lots of offers. Of course we didn’t resist, so we tried everything, and I mean everything, even the main stage for the talks was taken by our group. Ok, maybe we went a little more wild then usual but the stage had an incredible digital panel behind so, we didn’t resist to take some photos by Artur Vieira, our photographer.

Some of the girls made their manicure at Nail4Us, and while we were waiting we had the opportunity to meet and have a little chat with the Nail4Us Founder, Magda Lourenço about her business and her incredible success in Portugal. Magda was also launching her new line of tattoos, and we felt in love as soon as we saw her arm full of bugs and flowers.

Because there was a lot of people attending the event, after all this was a beauty event with the signature of Maxima Magazine, and the entrance was for free, yes that’s right the entrance was for free 😉 people had to wait in line to experience the brands.

One of the brands that we got to be with, was Body Shop, and we have to tell you how inspired we were with their “The Enrich Not Exploit™” Commitment, so well described by Selma, the Marketing Manager in Portugal. The Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment  reflects the brand’s belief that business can be a force for good, which means enriching people as well as the planet, its biodiversity and resources, while also developing sustainable and ethical products. How inspiring is that? Of course we had to schedule a lunch with Selma for other day, because the Summit was not the right place to know everything about this philosophy behind such a strong name, and we can’t wait to know all the amazing things that Body Shop Company and its team have been doing to make the world a better place.


We were talking and drinking a refreshing gin when we saw this beautiful and elegant lady who stood out from the crowd. That’s when we realized that was Fernanda Soares the Editor-in-Chief of Maxima Magazine. Without thinking about it we approached her, because we had to congratulate her for the idea and the success of Beauty Summit, and for her sense of style. Her look was to dye for! So we had the opportunity to talk with Fernanda, even though it was only a few minutes, the conversation was very interesting and Fernanda was very sweet, we hope to talk again with her very soon.

After the vibrant Beauty Summit we went for an exclusive Italian dinner with our guests that took place in the beautiful Terreiro do Paço.  The dinner was a blast, we had amazing conversations about dreams, travels, hilarious stories, dramatic stories, new projects… It was really inspiring be surrounded by such powerful and unique women. With the collaboration of the beauty brands Body Shop, Rituals and Douglas, we offer our followers a beauty bag full of surprises, beauty experiences and of course chocolates, because there is no way we can relax, without a chocolate 😉


Thank you to our amazing followers that made this event a crazy, funny, inspiring and wonderful Meet Up, and thank you Maxima magazine for this idea that made our Meet Up much more interesting.