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How to plan the perfect yacht day

How to plan the perfect yacht day

If you’re planning to go on a boat, yacht or schooner, and you are not sure on what to bring with you and what to wear, you’ve come to the right place, because we have everything covered, specially your wardrobe. 😉

– The first and most important is the sunscreen, health always comes first.

– No matter what the forecast says, or what the weather is like before you leave, be prepared for both cold and windy and blazing hot sunshine, so something warm to throw on it always a good idea.

– Make sure you choose the right footwear, it must be something that can slip on and off easily and something with a bit of grip. Just make sure that your shoes have light colored soles. Black soles that mark the deck are a big no and the first rule of boating etiquette.


– Since you won’t be on the beach for most of the time you can bring your most beautiful and delicate beachwear with you, to fill chic and glamours like Olivia Palermo in Valentino´s Yacht, however if you want to avoid your precious peaces getting wet, take a denim shorts, because denim is a great hardy fabric, and you will look perfect as well. But what would be a day on a yacht without nautical-clothes?  This trend adds an indisputable chic to every ensemble, there’s a reason Coco Chanel embraced the Breton stripe in her own wardrobe 😉 so don´t be afraid to get into the boating spirit, and wear nautical colors like blue and white with a touch of red. A kaftan is great for throwing over your swimsuit while in the cabin or eating lunch, and will protect you from the burning sun.

If you arrive in your swimsuit (and we suggest that you do) don’t forget to bring your underwear, or another swimsuit.

Bikinis are just as appropriate as a one piece, but one piece doubles as a bodysuit as soon as you throw on a pair of shorts.

– Don´t wear a long skirt or dress, not only are these a bad idea in windy conditions but boats are often 2 levels. You spend a lot of the day climbing up and down the ladder between them so don’t wear a maxi skirt or dress.

– Leave the jewelry with sharp edges at home, don´t forget to bring a pair of big sunglasses because will truly ruin your day, and a nice hat, just make sure it fits properly as that wind can strike at any time.

– Take a large tote that can handle a few changes as well as your magazines and beauty products.

– Space is a big issue on boats, well not in all boats 😉 and the changing facilities are usually below deck in the toilet. Small and cramped and terrible if you get seasick so spend as little time in there as possible.

Don’t ever get in the water when the engine or propellor are still on, remember to always down the stairs whenever you want to jump into water, and don’t bring messy foods, such as ice cream or chocolate.

 Have fun and get inspired!

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