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Eat Pray Love, a self-discovery journey

Eat Pray Love, a self-discovery journey

Based on autobiographical book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the Eat Pray Love movie, that was launched 2010, has become one of the top films people talk about not only when looking for travel inspiration, but also when they want to be inspired to change their life. So, what is it all about really?

The movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s personal memoir that she wrote after she went traveling on her own for a year to find what she really wanted out of life.

In the movie, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is an ambitious and educated American woman, who really has everything in life – a successful career, a husband, lots of friends and a house. However, instead of enjoying the perfect life she built for herself, the main character is feeling really lost and unhappy. After she decides to get a divorce, she commits to another relationship, but after this one fails, Liz knows that she really needs to change something in her life.

In order to find out who she really was and what she really wanted, the main character decides undertake a radical step to leave her job and go for a yearlong journey all alone. To recover from all the bad experience, she chooses three places to visit – Rome, India and Bali, seeking to find the balance of body, mind and spirit.

In Rome the main character learns the art of pleasure, enjoying the food and life – Eat. Then in India, she meditates in ashram and tries to grow spiritually – Pray, whereas in Bali, her last destination, she is looking for the balance, between the loving life from Italy and the spirituality from India. But it’s in Bali that she meets the irresistible Brazilian divorcee Felipe (Javier Bardem) – Love. In every place, Liz not only learns something new about life and herself, but also meets lots of incredible people who are helping her on the journey.

Eat Pray Love shows what can happen when you take back the control over your life and start to claim responsibility for your own happiness. This moving memoir of the self-discovery journey, will encourage you to reflect on your own life and think what is really important for you.

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