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You better watch out for these Spring/Summer 2020 Trends

You better watch out for these Spring/Summer 2020 Trends

The new decade is upon us, and that means that fashion is taking a whole new route featuring ultra-modern but wearable articles you will find easy to style. Don’t let those ornate looks from the runways intimidate you – the newborn trends of summer and spring can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe without much effort from your side. Whether you pick a beachy polka dot dress with the corset or summer-friendly wrapped ankle sandals, you will look put together. 

The practicality combined with creative experimentation is the perfect definition of what the upcoming seasons are all about. There are earthy-toned vests, neon leather trenches, crocheted dresses and tiered skirts about to be placed on every high-street store shelf. The 60s and psychedelic prints are bound to dominate the market too. No matter what your current style looks like, there is something for everyone to get a buzz out of.

If we could skip the last month of winter and get straight to the fashion nirvana of spring, we would. But for the time being, scroll through our finds and start budgeting for funky-looking bras and metallic blazers right away.

77a85ade292bfc7d0d42535d4d3634e4Vividly Colored Leather

Everyone tends to associate leather with dark colors, but this is about to be changed. The new season makes the shift from the conventional black and brown to green, yellow and even hot pink leather. From midi skirts and tube tops to trench coats and figure-hugging dresses, there is hardly anything left out.






ef9cfefd93405ba2973d98110525ff96Vest and Waistcoats

As trouser suits have started gaining momentum in recent years, the trend for the office-chic look has expanded even further. Now, it has reached vests and waistcoats that can be either worn with pants suits under blazers or on top of summer dresses and girly tops. They can act as a complimentary piece of an outfit or as a stand-alone piece paired with a silk scarf and a pencil skirt.





4cf701438d747e9b1201068fb91ea2f4Wrapped Ankle Sandals

Slowly transitioning from 2019 to 2020, sandals with wraps are becoming a new thing that is planning on staying. Designers including Charlotte Knowles and JW Anderson took it one step further and displayed a new way of styling them on a runway. They wrapped them around the ankle on top of trousers and set out the trend to be a summer hit.






_SDR0003Corset Tops and Dresses

The Renaissance vibes are paving their way well into the new year through items like dresses and corsets in particular. From Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski, corsets end up being the centerpiece of their looks. And there’s a good reason for it – they snatch your waist and make it look like you have more curves. Apparently, that’s in style and celebrities can’t get enough of them!





CSC_1356Tiered Garments

The flowing tules have made their appearance in 2019 and made every celebrity attending Gala happy. Big-name designers like Oscar de la Renta and Dior took note of that and released a collection of their own tules with a twist – tiers. This upgrade meant that both skirts and dresses received a spin that will allow you to wear the pieces not only to the high society events but also to a coffee with a friend and a vacation to Miami. Get excited for the warmer months!





72c0ea91064bbc3fe59f0444c81912d8-2Street-Appropriate Bras

With tube tops strongly holding their position for at least a few more years, it’s not surprising that their derivatives are emerging at the speed of light. When the summer comes, get ready to rock the exposed bandeaus and groovy-looking bras that are public-approved. Choose the ones with sequins or with a print from the 60s and you are guaranteed to be asked on streets where you got it from.





C_Users_User_AppData_Local_Packages_Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c_LocalState_66300ea3-4c0c-4ecf-af2b-703593ea9ce5Metallic Colored Fabrics

Metals are not solely a niche for jewelry – clothes can also be made from various metallic colored fabrics. One of the trends for 2020 includes metal hues scattered all over pants, jackets and bags. Metallic-colored clothing is a statement by itself, which means that you won’t need to struggle finding pieces to pair it with. Keep it simple and you might just be confused for Kaia Gerber and her chic street style.




C_Users_User_AppData_Local_Packages_Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c_LocalState_eeefdec0-7f02-4752-a177-a1b4a287404fDelicate Crochet

The blend of cozy grandmother-inspired crochet techniques and the high fashion artistry gave birth to the spring trend of delicate crochet evening gowns. Not only do they look elegant but they are also sustainable – the slow handmade creation process makes the dresses appealing to the pickiest shoppers. Give it a go and be the center of attention at your next party.



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