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We are all in this together. How we can help hospitals in need

We are all in this together. How we can help hospitals in need

Following the insanely fast spread of Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people, businesses and of course hospitals are struggling to get through this tough period. That’s why we decided to take action and help to stop Covid-19. We joined our forces with #tech4covid19, a project launched by a group of more than 300 Portuguese startups and their entrepreneurs and teams, with the aim of slowing down the spread of Covid-19 and assisting in its diagnosis and treatment.

As we are all aware hospitals and healthcare centres are running low on personal protective equipment and are in need of items like surgical masks, hand sanitizer and liquids, soaps, ventilators, disposable gloves and overalls.

Our goal is to help not only by making a donation but also by creating a campaign on our app, requesting our users to make a donation that will be used to acquire equipment to healthcare centres, professionals and hospitals in our country – Portugal.

This is not someone else problem, this is something that is and will affect all of us, so please help us  fight this virus together and donate now by downloading our app CHIC Every Weather or clicking here.


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