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These are the podcasts you should listen to on your way to work

These are the podcasts you should listen to on your way to work

There’s no doubt that podcasts are continuously gaining momentum in today’s digital market. You are guaranteed to find a podcast about your favorite topic even if it’s in a serial killer or science fiction niche. As it has become relatively easy to break into the podcasting industry, celebrities along with fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers have also managed to jump on the bandwagon and create a podcast of their own. In case you always wondered what it’s like to prepare models for a fashion show or how to gain a large following and start getting brand deals with big fashion brands, give these podcasts we curated for you a listen. We must warn you that you might get addicted and miss your train stop, so be cautious about that. 

‘The Cutting Room Floor’ by Omondi

This unrefined podcast hosted by the promising designer Recho Omondi about all things fashion is a revolutionary content you didn’t know you were craving. The honest opinions on the world of fashion are not something you would expect from a person rolling in the industry, which is why this is so exciting. Having interviewed big names like Stephanie Horton, Alexander Wang’s chief strategist and Tony Liu & Lindsay Schuyler of Diet Prada, this podcast is a breath of fresh air in the fogged-up realms of fashion. 

‘Gucci Podcast’ by Gucci 

This all-encompassing podcast not only features behind the scenes of the garment and accessories design process in Gucci but also aligns the brand’s work with the current trends in the AI industry. You will hear the voices of collaborators and the voice of the in-house creative director Alessandro Michele discussing seemingly unrelated topics like ‘breaking the beauty norms’ and poetry. 

‘Girlboss Radio’ by Sophia Amoruso

One of the pioneers in the fashion podcasting movement, the ‘Gilboss Radio’ by Sophia Amoruso is my personal favorite. If you are familiar with the Nasty Gal and how it was created, you will find this podcast inspiring and resourceful at the same time. Sophia interviews womenpreneurs who have paved their way to success and who are willing to share their ups and downs with aspiring women and men alike.  


photo-1554200876-907f9286c2a1‘Dream it Real’ by Coach

The newest podcast on this list won’t leave anyone indifferent as it is the food for the future generations to inhale (literally). Heben Negatu, the host of the podcast, set the bar high with having Selena Gomez on the first episode where she talked through her journey to self-acceptance and the mental struggles in the age of social media. Celebrities like Maisie Williams and Michael B Jordan have also made an appearance with their five cents on the ‘anything is possible’ paradigm.  

‘Vogue Style Revolution’ by Sally Singer 

Sally Singer came to replace the former American editor-in-chief, André Leon Talley, as a host, and let’s just say it is just what we had hoped for. If you read Vogue’s issues on a monthly basis, you will love these candid discussions ranging from the latest news in the fashion world to the rumors habituating the Vogue office at the Conde Nast headquarters. We are certain everyone will have some insightful takeaways or simply a good unwinding time after a long working day.  

‘Métier Class: 3.55’ by Chanel 

Chanel is known for its inspired by famous figures collections that catch the eyes even of those who don’t shop designer apparel. This podcast hosted by Tyler Brûlé gives you a glimpse of the muses behind Chanel’s prominent collections who are interviewed in a laidback manner. The names of Karl Lagerfeld, Keira Knightley and Pharell Williams are only a few among those interviewed who share their take on the Chanel behind the curtains we would not get to see otherwise. 


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