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The undoing, the new HBO thriller worth-seeing

The undoing, the new HBO thriller worth-seeing

“The Undoing” is a new HBO series that brings the story of Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) and her family. The 6-episode miniseries features a modern, wealthy couple – Grace (Nicole Kidman) and Jonathan (Hugh Grant), who are living a pretty much perfect life on the Upper East Side in New York. Having successful careers as a therapist and paediatric oncologist, work isn’t any issue in the couple’s happy marriage.

The only thing that may seem to be slightly of out balance in the perfect life of the upper-class family is their social circle that is fully focused on the elite private school – Reardon, which is attended by their only child Henry. At school, Grace is a member of the school’s parents committee, where she also meets Elena (Matilda De Angelis), who’s a young and beautiful “scholarship mom”. She is also the one who breaks the idyllic life of the Frasers.

Everything is changing a day after the fundraising event, when Elena is found dead. What’s making the whole situation worse is that the suspects of the murder keep changing and one of them is Grace’s husband – Jonathan.

We can guarantee that the show will manage to keep you hooked throughout all the episodes. You can literally find everything in the series – mystery, drama and thriller. The show has an excellent screenplay and the murder mystery is unravelling in the most unpredictable ways. Also, the full of celebrities cast is really making the show worth-seeing. Nicole Kidman’s and Hugh Grant’s acting skills really manage to make this psychological thriller more fascinating.

You can watch the trailer here:

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