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The One – Netflix series full of love, lies and mystery

The One – Netflix series full of love, lies and mystery

“The One” is a Netflix series created by Howard Overman with 8 episodes, that takes place in the near future, where computers have the ability to run your DNA through a database and predict your perfect romantic match.

“The One” starts with a businesswoman and DNA researcher Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) who helps to discover a way to find perfect partner and starts a new matchmaking service. The company is incredibly successful until the time when a dead body recovered from Thames make things more complicated, revealing some of the dark moments from this woman’s past.

The drama is full of love and lies and some incredible acting delivered by the main characters Hannah Ware and Dimitri Leonidas.

Although the theme of the series is slightly different than the usual, you will definitely enjoy watching this mysterious and original drama. Plus we also have to give a shout-out to Rebecca Webb’s wardrobe. The powerful female protagonist, is most of the time sporting a clean cut and single toned power suits that we all want to put our hands on.

You can watch the trailer here.

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