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The new collaboration that everyone is crazy about

The new collaboration that everyone is crazy about

Collaborations between big brands are a surefire way to turn heads, and this new collaboration is no different! Recently the two huge watch brands Omega and Swatch have teamed up to prepare a new collection of the iconic Moonwatch, which really took the watch collaboration to the next level. The collection offers 11 models that recreate the exact proportions and design of the famous Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The only difference is that these watches are available to the wider audience as they cost $260 and you can only purchase two at a time.

“Collabs are very fashionable, between Gucci, Balenciaga, whoever is working together. But often it’s just a marketing gig where you put the logos from one to the product of the other one and that’s it. Here we wanted to go a step further, because we have an iconic brand like Omega, that has a product that is an icon in the Swiss watch industry, the Speedmaster. And on the other side, Swatch is an icon because it has saved the Swiss watch industry. When everybody was only focusing on luxury, Swatch was there, and Swatch is an innovator,” says Hayek, Omega head of product design.

All the 11 pieces from the new collaboration are named after planets, each with their own unique colourway. The material that was used for producing the watches is bioceramic and it was patented by Swatch. All models are true to the Speedmaster’s form and have a Velcro strap just like the original. The pieces aren’t limited edition, however on each casebook there is an image of the respective planet that comes directly from NASA.

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