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The best looks for a staycation, according to our app

The best looks for a staycation, according to our app

Summer is almost here, but probably for most of us there are still a few days left for the long summer vacations. So why not enjoying the summer weekends and spend some amazing days on a staycation holidays in our home countries. Today we will show you a few outfit inspirations with key pieces you can wear in multiple ways and which will allow you to pack light. And to make things easier when it comes to find the perfect look, you can also use our app – CHIC Outfit Planner, and be inspired by the coolest looks created by our team of fashion editores.

Here is a list of some statement pieces, you’ll need during your staycation holidays.


Whether you’ll be by the seaside or not, there will be surely some time for sunbathing during your next trip and when it comes to tanning the bikini is a must. Matched with a maxi dress and a pair of sandals – a perfect beach look is guaranteed.


2. Midi Dress

Loose-fitting midi dress definitely should be included in your next holiday wardrobe. As it can be worn in multiple ways, either with sandals for more relaxed look by the pool or sea or trainers for a busy day in town, it’s definitely a key piece you can’t forget about.


3. White T-shirt

White T-shirt is a base of any capsule wardrobe and if you have a limited space in your luggage and only can pack a few pieces – this is another MUST. You can pair with literally anything – jeans, shorts or skirts, blazer, nice sunglasses, cool necklace and we can reassure you’ll never regret taking it with you.


4. Blazer

A cool and classy blazer can elevate even the most simple look. Therefore taking one with you can never be a bad choice. It will make you look classy and also keep you warm during the evening dinner with friends and family.


5. Denim shorts

I guess we don’t even have to mention it, but denim shorts should be on the top of you list to pack when going on holidays. You can combine it with shirt, crop-tops, t-shirts and you will always look great.


6. Sandals

You should never forget about sandals, especially if you’re in a warm country. Having at least one pair of sandals and one pair of sneakers is a must and a good thing about it, is that sandals don’t take too much space.


7. A warm jumper

Jumper is always needed. Even during the hottest summer ever, the temperature may go down, especially during the evening and the worst thing is to feel cold. So it’s better to prepared.


8. Sneakers

As we’ve mentioned above, whether it’s an old good converse or classy Stan Smith shoes – a pair of sneakers should always find a space in your suitcase. 

IMG_0336Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash

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