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The 10 year old girl named by Forbes magazine one of the 100 powerful women of Mexico

The 10 year old girl named by Forbes magazine one of the 100 powerful women of Mexico

Adhara Pérez Sánchez is a 10 year old girl from a Mexico City, that is already an inspiration for all of us. With an impressive IQ of 162, which is higher than well-known geniuses Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, the young Mexican has already graduated from high school in the age of 8, and now she is attending the Universidad CNCI, where she’s in the process of earning two degrees: in mathematics and systems engineering.

However, Adhara’s path has not always been easy. At the age of three, the little girl was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome after her mother – Nallely Sanchez, noticed her daughter behaved differently than the other kids at her age. The Asperger’s syndrome is included within the autism spectrum and affects the social interaction with other people, which became a problem for little Adhara, as she was experiencing bullying at school and was isolated by her classmates.

Aware of the girl’s unusual intelligence, the mother of Adhara realised the current education system wasn’t the best learning environment for her daughter and knew they needed something to adapt to her unique skills. Adhara in 3 years managed to complete elementary school, middle school and high school. The girl has also already written a book about her experiences titled “Do not give up” and was featured in the Forbes Mexico’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list.

Adhara’s dream is to work as an astronaut at NASA and travel to Mars in the future! The girl was also offered to study astronomy at the University of Arizona and now is learning English to prepare for this opportunity. The young girl is also working on developing a smart bracelet that will help the autistic kids. The device will be able to measure children’s emotions and the parents will be able to track it on the phone or computer. The bracelet is aimed to prevent seizures and other outbursts and make the life of children with autism much easier.

Despite all the big challenges that Adhara has been facing since a very young age, she not only manages to overcome them, but also to use her impressive abilities to make a difference in people’s life.

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