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“Spencer” – a different portrait of Lady Diana

“Spencer” – a different portrait of Lady Diana

“Spencer” is the new movie about Princess Diana. The film was directed by Pablo Larrain and written by Steven Knight. The film’s focus is on Lady Diana’s (Kristen Stewart) decision to end her marriage with Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) and the upcoming divorce.

The movie starts when everything gets prepared for Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. As much as everything seems perfect on the outside, this time it’s actually very different for Diana. As her marriage with Prince Charles has grown cold long time ago, Lady Di also knows about his romance with Camilla Parer Bowles (Emma Darwall-Smith). Diana’s anxiety and depression starts to get better of her and she begins to see the ghost of Anne Boleyn (Amy Manson), once a wife of Henry the VIII, who was beheaded, so her husband could marry his mistress.

The director’s vision in the movie is full of dream sequences, metaphor-heavy dialogue, internal and externalised pain. “Spencer” aims to place the audience in its heroine’s state of mind and capture the sense of time of the early ’90s focusing on that point in the royal relationship when things began to fall apart.

“Spencer” definitely gives us a different portrait of Diana. The soundtrack in the movie is also a piece of art, as Larrain enlisted composer Jonny Greenwood to prepare music that will follow Diana’s dissolving mental state in the film.

Therefore, if historical fiction movies or psychological dramas are something you’re interested in, you should definitely watch “Spencer”.

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