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Nine Perfect Strangers review

Nine Perfect Strangers review

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is a mini series from Amazon Prime, based on the 2018 book by Liane Moriarty and created by David E Kelly, who’s also the author of HBO’s series ‘The Undoing’ and ‘Big Little Lies’.

The mini series tells the story of nine stressed city dwellers who are meeting in a holistic wellness spa ‘Tranquillum’. The director of the boutique resort in California is a mysterious Masha (Nicole Kidman) – a wellness guru from Russia. Upon the arrival the guests are relieved from their phones and all the other things that could link them to the outside world.

Among the guests who are on the mission to reinvigorate their minds and bodies we can find a couple – Jessica (Samara Weaving) and Ben (Melvin Gregg), whose relationship is going through a difficult stage; a recent divorced lady Carmen (Regina Hall); the cynical lars (Luke Evans), a macho-man Tony (Bobby Cannavale); Marconi family (Michael Shannon, Grace von Patten) and the most engaging Frances (Melissa McCarthy).

Each guest came to ‘Tranquillum’ to find some peace and fight the past traumas. The plot thickens once all the participants of the retreat get to spend more time together, reveal more details about themselves and face challenges together. The cast of the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is stacked with big Hollywood names.

This could be a great show to watch if you are looking for a easy yet mysterious story with the performances from some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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