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Last minute Big News

Last minute Big News

Every day Apple publishes one great app as “App of the day” to help thousands of users to discover new apps to add to their mobile device. And Guess what? Today was our day once again! CHIC is featured today on the App store as “App of the day” in Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and other 128 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. Today is a special day for the CHIC Team. Thank you Apple for believing in us and for recognising our work.

Congrats to Joana Branco, the founder and Editor of CHIC, for pushing us forward with her vision and hard work and to all the team of fashion editors, developers, designers, content writers and marketeers that everyday help many brands to have a better online presence throughout all the partnerships CHIC has.

It’s very rewarding to see CHIC promoted like this on AppStore. Go go CHIC!



IMG_6080Edyta Biardzka

Edyta Biardzka is a 24-year-old PR and Media graduate based in Edinburgh. She comes from Poland and moved to Scotland in the age of 18. Edyta loves moving places, meeting new people and travelling. With the appetite for learning and desire to undertake new challenges, she created a blog, that reflects her passion towards the fashion industry. In her free time, Edyta likes to enjoy a tasty cortado with friends and update her journal in cosy coffee shops in town.

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