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How to make friends as an adult

How to make friends as an adult

Friends are like treasures and friendships are relationships of a great freedom, as we keep them simply because we want to. There is no law or blood commitment, no mortgage you have to pay together, there is simply connection and the comforting sense of stability. However, some of you may have already realised, when we are becoming adults, many of our friendships crumble… and it’s not because of our deliberate decisions or sudden change of a circle of friends. It is usually for lots of other reasons, such as different priorities, long working hours and lack of time.

Although making friends as adults can be a nerve-racking experience and also pretty tricky at times, it’s a very rewarding after all. The advantage of making friends when you’re older allows you to be more “picky” about who your friends are and therefore create healthier friendship patterns. Here is a few tips on how to make friends as adults.

1.Reconnect with old friends 

The very first thing we are going to say is instead of looking for a new friends, try to reconnect with the old ones. There are surely people in your life, you were very close with, however the time and circumstances didn’t help this friendship to last. What we recommend you to do is to grab your phone and send them a message. Offer to meet up for a coffee and we are sure they are most likely to say YES! After all, you’ve already been friends in the past and reaching out to your old friend doesn’t hurt.

2. Don’t be a stranger 

In any friendship, this is a golden rule – make the time. We understand you are busy, but who isn’t busy in today’s world? No matter what, you should always find a few minutes to keep in touch with your friends. Remember, not keeping in touch is actually what made you find yourself in this situations in the first place. So if you want to be close friends with someone, make time for it.

3. Take classes 

This may sound pretty formal, but there is never too late to learn new things. Imagine, if you always wanted to learn a new language or improve your creative writing or learn how to dance – sign up for a class! Check the dancing schools or language institutes in your area and be ready to meet lots of new people. You can always arrange visiting a restaurant or the pub after with you new classmates.

4. Volunteer 

Have you ever thought about dedicating a few hours of your free time to volunteer? Doing something for other people and not expecting anything in return is the most rewarding experience ever. Find a cause that you believe in and get started. We are more than sure, that on this journey you will fin someone who also values similar things!

5. Use Social media 

As much as we can complain about it, social media has the power to connect us with others. It’s an endless source of opportunities if you can use it wisely. Tap into people you haven’t seen in a while or connect with people you don’t know but share similar interest of appreciate the work they do. You can also find an online community that will allow you meet more and more people.




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