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How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

Have you just graduated from University and looking for a job? Or maybe you have a job, but you want to change your career or perhaps you’re a business owner and looking to network? Our first thought when it comes to all the things we’ve just mentioned would be – have your CV ready and up to date and attend different events to expand your network. But what about the platform that combines it all? LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals, which allows you to share your experiences, qualifications and skills with your future employers and also build your network at the same time. In this article we’ve shared a few tips how to make the most out of your LinkedIn.

  1. Choose a professional profile picture 

This tip may sound a bit obvious, but actually your profile picture is really important. It’s literally your business card on LinkedIn as it impacts how people are introduced you and what impression they get. As much as there is lots of articles online on how to pick the right profile picture on LinkedIn, what can we suggest is to make sure your face is visible, portrait pictures work best. Also make sure your attire is classy and the picture is recent.

2. Make your headline appealing to potential employers 

Instead of adding just a job title to your headline, use that space to tell something more about your role, what you do and and how do you help people/what value do you bring to others by the job you are doing. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

3. List your relevant skills 

Make sure your profile is completed, by listing all the relevant skills that apply to you. Keep your list short with the most important skills that identify you. Having your profile fully completed works in your favour as LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards users like that as your profile is more likely to show up in the search results.

4. Ask for recommendations 

If you’ve already had some working experience, make sure to ask your previous managers or supervisors to leave recommendations on your profile. This will help the recruiters see what kind of work ethic you have and whether your previous employers were satisfied with your work.

5. Use your LinkedIn to build your personal brand 

How much time do you spend on building your personal brand? Well, the LinkedIn profile is the foundation for your personal branding. The platform regularly adds new features and provides you with new ways to present your skills and motivations. So try to make use of all of them.

6. Share relevant content on your feed

Sharing relevant content with your network is very important, as it adds value and gives you an active role in the network. So keep an eye on the interesting articles that also represents your point of view and start sharing!

7. Engage with your network by adding comments 

Sharing content is amazing, however it will make it even better if you add your own comments to what you’re posting as you will present your point of view and your post has a chance to raise your profile across the platform. Also make sure to interact with your network by liking and commenting on their post and updates.


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