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How to deal with mean women? Here is our insights and solutions

How to deal with mean women? Here is our insights and solutions

Women’s life isn’t always easy and we all know it from the very early age. However, sometimes what makes it even more difficult is the people around us. It’s already proved that women who support other women have a greater chance to succeed in life. But how many times we are experiencing exactly the opposite? Why is it so difficult for women to show more sympathy to one another and stop competing with each other?

Why successful women are the target of mean girls?

This is not a new discovery if we tell you that lots of powerful women are being disliked. Considering all the stereotypes about powerful women, such as “ice queen”, masculine, bossy, lonely and single – a study from the University of Arizona shows that this statement is very real and women tend to be meaner towards each other, more than men.

Ok, but what are the reasons for this behaviour?

There is some mean girls that never grow up (remember the movie “Mean girls”, it’s definitely not just fiction) and unfortunately as adults, instead of supporting fellow women, they often prefer to choose the opposite. Some of the main reasons why women are nasty to other women are just as simple as lack of self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes women project their jealousy, fear, anxiety or resentment onto the other women. After all, it really comes down to how we feel about ourselves.

When it comes to nasty women, they usually tend to act this way towards the other women they feel threatened by, who triggers their unconscious fear and need to control.

How to deal with nasty women?

If you ever find yourself to be a target of such a woman, for not being the same or not guessing the unspoken protocols, try to use these strategies.

  • Stay confident and in control 

Mean girls can always spot a person they can manipulate or control. Our advise is: do not be that person. No matter what, always keep your chin up, smile and remain professional. Try to avoid looking nervous or insecure. Show them, that you in control and keep your responses free of anger or emotion. Remember: Every time you reply with emotion you will give your power away to them.

  • Disengage from the conversation

If you are in the working environment, you can always disengage from the conversation explaining that you have others things to do or need to make a phone call. By not participating, you help to end the nasty behaviour.

  • Stand up for Yourself

One of the best strategies to deal with mean girls is to be assertive. Assertiveness and confidence will always help you to defend yourself in a respectful manner. Remember, that you don’t have to be mean in return, however you can be clear that this behaviour will not be tolerated by you.

Ways to support other women 

Real sisterhood is not only about sharing a lipstick, but showing respect, support and love. Is to be proud and support one another in the bad and most of all in the good times. Women who are in solidarity with other females are truly inspiring and empowering and we want to surround ourselves with more women like this.

  • Listen and encourage 

As women, we really need and should feel secure. There is lot of things happening in our lives and sometimes all you can do for the fellow woman is just to listen and encourage. You can ask how can you support her, even if sometimes you don’t know what to do or say, but ignoring is the worst possible thing to do.

  • Give compliments 

Instead of being mean to each other and pointing out our flaws and imperfections, we should empower one another. One of the best way to do it is by giving compliments and acknowledge the other people’s strengths. The truth is that we are all beautiful just the way we are and there is something really amazing about everyone we meet, so let’s share it with them!

  • Connect women 

There is a saying that woman alone has a power, but collectively we have an impact. Therefore we should be raising each other up and collaborate! There is nothing better than meeting new people with great attitude and outlook on life. Never forget that your strengths always make the table better!

P.S.: If you want to become a more confident woman, who knows and owns her power, you should definitely check the book written by Heather Monahan as well as her podcast. Heather’s life experience is very interesting, she had to deal with a nasty woman at her work space, and how she overcome, it was so brutal, inspiring and empowering.


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