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How Joana, one of our editors, cleans her closet and her mind

How Joana, one of our editors, cleans her closet and her mind

Entering the 7th month of pregnancy of my third child and feeling an evident change of the weather, I had to go through my closet which was full of clothes that I could not wear, either because they didn’t fit me or because they didn’t keep me warm enough. As I predicted, I ended up with an almost empty closet.

That gave me room to hang up a couple of items that my sister lent me for this particular condition of mine and to search for still wearable (in my case) winter clothes.

photo-1494496195158-c3becb4f2475It also gave me room to reach for pieces as old as 15 years that I had forgotten about long ago.

Cleaning up always gives me a sense of wellbeing. It feels as if I’m clearing up on the inside as well as on the outside. I just wish I had time to do that more often!

It’s definitely not about the amount of clothes (or items or people) but much more about their meaning and the way they make you feel.

And at this point (forties approaching, along with other things going on in my life), quite frankly, I just want to feel GOOD!

This also makes me think about the impact that I have on other peoples’ lives. Am I also dischargeable to most people? Of course that we are all different and have different affinities. And it’s impossible to please all. But how important am I, in general, towards the ones around me?

Anyway, yesterday’s experience helped me realize what fits me better at this point in life.

I guess that the best way to know what suits you better is to know yourself and to know where you are at.

Of course that the better the quality, the longer your clothes will last both in terms of resistance and design. But, borrowed, owned, old, new, cheap or fancy, it doesn’t matter… sometimes you have to empty your closet (and your life) and just start from there.

It’s time consuming but necessary and usually works better when you do it without planning. This task was in my plans since weeks ago, to be done preferably during the weekend. But yesterday (Monday) it just happened, out of nothing. And it felt good. I’m sure that I failed to do other very important tasks. I guess I just gave priority to this one….(to me ?)!


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About The Autor / Sobre o Autor

Joana Lopes Aleixo Cumbre

Joana is an agronomist in Portugal, and a mother of three beautiful and full of life girls. When she´s not working, usually during the weekends you can spot her at her countryside family home in Alentejo, her special place, where with her husband and daughters they rest and relax to recharge batteries. 

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