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Healthy tips for a festive season

Healthy tips for a festive season

Festive season is just around the corner and it’s this time of the year when family and friends gather together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy all the delicious food famous for the holidays. As much as it’s a beautiful time to spend with the important people in our life, plenty of people experience a weight gain during this time. No judging we all been there! All the discipline we’ve build during the year often goes out of the window. With that in mind, we’ve got a few tips on how to stay healthy during this festive season.

1.Avoid going to the party hungry 

Don’t forget to have a little snack before you go to your festive parties. In this way, you’ll avoid eating too many high-at and salty snack at the party. Drinking a few glasses of water will also help, as it will not only fill you up, but also keep you hydrated.

2. Learn to say ‘later’, if you’re feeling bad saying ‘no’

Learning how to say ‘no’ is a useful habit, not only when it comes to food, but in general in life. Healthy assertiveness at the Christmas table will literally turn out in favour of your health. However, we do understand it could be quite difficult sometimes, especially if it’s your Mother or your Grandma, who spent the past few days preparing Christmas dishes. If you feel their feelings may be hurt, instead of  ‘no’, just simply say ‘later’. Always works.

3. Don’t diet over Christmas season 

We still remember this article is a about healthy tips for Christmas season and yes, you read that correctly, one of them is actually – don’t diet over Christmas. You may wonder why? If there is one time of the year when we can give ourselves permission NOT to diet, it should be this season. You should enjoy Christmas and the food, and remember that your key objective is to maintain the current weight, not trying to lose it, and enjoy your time without any pressure, especially during this time.

4. Don’t eat until you’re full

We know it’s the time for celebration and fun and we know food tastes much better as well, but try not to stuff yourself. Try to eat the normal-sized meal and keep taking breaks to see if you are still hungry. Always try to listen to your body as it knows best.

5. Don’t forget about water

Hydration! In fact, we should never forget about it. However, the Christmas time is when we tend to drink lots of other things, especially alcohol, so make a rule for yourself to have six to eight glasses of water daily. Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache, so if you want to feel your best this festive season – please don’t forget about water.




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