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Emily in Paris, a modern fairytale

Emily in Paris, a modern fairytale

“Emily in Paris” is the latest romantic comedy series that debuted on Netflix only a few days ago and has already become a very hot topic on social media all over the world.

The series that everyone is talking about was created by Darren Star, a director of the “Sex and the City” and “Beverly Hills 90210” and already managed to gain both: a loving and hating viewers. The series includes 10 episodes and all of them are full of glamorous locations, charming French men and of course big fashion moments (read: plenty of chic clothes).

The main character in the series is Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), an ambitious marketing executive in her mid-twenties from Chicago, who decides to move to Paris, after her company offers her a position in a French luxury marketing office. Emily’s main responsibility in Savoir is to improve social media strategy, which is something that her French colleagues and particularly her new boss Sylvie, aren’t very excited about. Also, the fact that the main character doesn’t speak French is not really helping her to settle down in the new office.

The new life in the capital city of France is filled with lots of challenges and an endless amount of new adventures for Emily, also including a few love affairs. The show is full of stereotypes about French people and especially Parisians. There is the cold boss, the hilarious co-workers and extremely attractive neighbor. We observe Emily slowly adapting to the Parisian work culture and ethic, which are slightly different compared to what she was used to in Chicago. The main character doesn’t miss on sharing her European life on Instagram, while gaining more and more followers and slowly becoming a social media influencer.

The series overall is kept in very light and optimistic tone, what makes it really easy and enjoyable to watch. Emily in Paris has its own characteristic charm and there is a lot of fashion, wine and croissants to be enjoyed.

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