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Dress for Success

Dress for Success


The old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” may be true, but appearance is the key language element in first impressions. So it´s important to take care of ours and to dress for the job we want, and we will  gain a nonverbal advantage by already “looking the part.”

Appropriate dress is also a way of expressing respect for the situation and the people in it. My grandmother use to say “you´ll be treat the way you´ll present yourself”, and we can´t deny that this is a fact. It has been proven that people are more likely to give money (charitable donations, tips) or information to someone if that person is well dressed.

However in an era when CEO´s sport jeans and hoodies, it’s hard to know how to dress for your job. At most technology companies, if you wear a suit, they’ll wonder if you can relate to the casual culture of the industry. So wearing a suit daily is pretty much just for lawyers and politicians.

Since office-appropriate dressing can be confusing with a fine line between being chic and pushing the envelope too far, our suggestion is to have your go-to uniform, whether it´s dresses, black trousers, or even crisp denim that you know are appropriate to work, and never, as long as you didn’t invent a billion-dollar company in your garage, like Mark Zuckerberg think about wearing a hoodie, flip-flops, or revealing clothing part at work. And remember don´t dress for work, dress for success!

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