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Becoming, the Netflix documentary that will give you confidence to conquer the world

Becoming, the Netflix documentary that will give you confidence to conquer the world

Get ready to step into Michelle Obama’s world!

We are sure that everyone already heard or even read the book Becoming, Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir. But now you can watch on Netflix the former first lady in an intimate documentary, looking at her life, including rare glimpses at her childhood, hopes and connection with others as she tours with “Becoming” around 34 cities.

Becoming isn’t just a behind-the scenes footage of Michelle during her book tour. It’s also about how Obama wants to influence and inspire the next generation of girls and young women. During the tour, Obama met hundreds of thousands of girls, both through the big arena talks and small community gatherings and all of them received the  most powerful and inspiring advises from the former first lady, and what impressed us the most is that she always have the kindest word to the people she met during her book signing.

The book tour was launched in Chicago, her hometown, with a 90 minute conversation with Oprah Winfrey that  introduced Michelle Obama to the audience, with this powerful words: “She did that with style, she did it with grace, and a big ol’ open heart. She made us always feel like the White House was really our house, the people’s house. She is your hometown girl from the Southside of Chicago. Welcome, Michelle Obama!”

Obama’s conversations with Oprah, Gayle King, Conan O’Brien, just to name a few, are invigorating, offering more personal insights and showing sharper versions of her signature charm and humor. It can also teach us all a thing or two about engaging younger audiences.

GettyImages-1084779006-1-1472x1472For the fashion lovers like ourselves, the segment with Obama’s personal stylist Meredith Koop is very interesting. Koop admits to treating her job while the Obamas were in the White House as “costume design”, dressing the First Lady and her daughters for a role, so that the focus was on the work they were doing, rather than the clothes they were wearing. Now, says Koop, they are finally free to experiment without judgement. “She’s not a minimalist. I mean, I can see Elvis in this” Koop says, when she  picks out a blinged-out pink wool suit from the rack.  It also get an honorary mention Obama coming out in gold sequin over-the-knee Balenciaga boots, that is shown in contrast to footage about criticism of her looks and style choices while in the White House.

An important message, that actually is so accurate for all of us right now, is when she is asked how she is coping with her return to normal life. “There is no return to ‘normal’, there is no going back or getting back on track. Life moves forward, with all of its interruptions and unexpected developments. And all I can do is accept my new reality.”

If you are not convinced yet on your next Netflix show, here is the trailer of Becoming:

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