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The Book that will help you make the impossible possible

The Book that will help you make the impossible possible

Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible

I remember the first time I saw Regina Brett’s book “Be The Miracle” in a bookstore in Notting Hill in London. This catchy title definitely drew my attention, because I’m the kind of person who just loves reading happy and inspirational books, so when I saw this one, I immediately knew that I have to get it.

“Be the Miracle” is a collection of 50 inspirational essays or how the author calls it “lessons for making the impossible possible”. This is the kind of book that will teach you how to open your mind to the miracles happening all around you and appreciate them. It will also make you believe in yourself and trust that anything in life is possible, as long as you really want it and work for it. Each chapter is a lesson, which describes different real life stories based on the author’s experience and other regular people that she met during her journey. Reading each chapter makes you feel as you can relate to it and apply the knowledge in your own life, which is probably my favourite thing about this book.

In the book Brett shows that living your dreams and being a miracle doesn’t necessarily mean solving all the problems in the entire world. She explains that what it actually means is being able to make a small change and believing it is possible, even if it is just in your own family, circle of friends or neighbourhood. One of my favourite quotes from the book is the one from Dalai Lama “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in a tent with a mosquito”. Quite powerful, isn’t it?

This book will definitely help you to feel happy and motivated. It will show you, that there is always a plan B or even E and at the end everything will always work out for you.

So start where you are and get busy on the possible.


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Edyta Biardzka is a 24-year-old PR and Media graduate based in Edinburgh. She comes from Poland and moved to Scotland in the age of 18. Edyta loves moving places, meeting new people and traveling. With the appetite for learning and desire to undertake new challenges, she created a blog, that reflects her passion towards the fashion industry. In her free time, Edyta likes to enjoy a tasty cortado with friends and update her journal in cosy coffee shops in town.



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