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About CHIC

About CHIC

CHIC Every Week was launched in 2015 by Joana Branco, an entrepreneur and fashion lover. At the beginning, CHIC was about everything related to fashion that kept Joana’s attention. Today CHIC is an online fashion magazine providing a daily dose of inspiration and affordable fashion solutions to all its growing audience across the world. Think of CHIC as the cool and chic friend that always knows about desirable things for the modern woman with sharp, stylish minds, with the most useful recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape, to the best beauty tips; the coolest places to visit and the best movies, TV series, or books to watch and read.

Over the past years, CHIC developed lots of different channels providing its readers with unique tools to the chic yet affordable lifestyle:

Night-and-DayCHIC App

In November 2018, we launched the fashion app for iOS – Chic Every Weather. The app was created with a purpose to help women all around the globe to solve everyday dilemma of “what to wear” or “how to style” different garments in our wardrobes and at the same time feel beautiful and empowered every single day. The app serves its users with different outfit inspirations according to the weather in their individual locations. Following its successful debut on the market, CHIC app was featured by Apple as the “App of the day” and “New apps we love” in over 100 countries across the world.

CHIC Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter keeps all our users up to date with CHIC’s latest content. The newsletter covers the most important articles from fashion and lifestyle to travel and beauty.

CHIC Social Media

Everyday, CHIC’s team inspires its social media followers with the fresh content from the app, latest news from the fashion world, the coolest street style outfit inspirations and the newest articles from the online magazine. CHIC also features the interviews with some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.


Joana Branco Oliveira Simões
Joana Branco Oliveira Simões

Joana Branco – Founder and Editor in Chief 

Joana was born in Cascais, a postcard-perfect cosmopolitan beach town in Portugal. From a really young age, Joana was always crazy about fashion. In 2015 she decided to change her life and to follow her dream. So she founded Chic Every Week to share her passion and to provide a source of inspiration and style, where people around the world find glamorous yet affordable solutions, to dress like their style crushes and of course to look Chic Every Week. In 2018, together with her husband João, the couple launched a fashion app CHIC Every Weather.

Favourite item: Chanel bag

“It’s very hard for me to choose just one piece, because I’m lucky to have a few pieces that I love and that have a big sentimental value attached. But because I love bags since I’m a little girl, I will say that my Chanel bag is just my favourite one from my whole collection. It also has a real sentimental value to me, because it was a birthday gift from my husband, when we went on a family trip to Denmark, what makes it even more special, plus was my very first Chanel bag.”

João Oliveira Simões
João Oliveira Simões

João Oliveira Simões – Co-founder and Designer of the App 

João loves to design and build beautiful user interfaces for iOS, Android and IoT. After a few months working in USA he launched 44 Studio in 2013. In his studio in Cascais he and his team create the best UX/UI interface designs for start-Ups in NYC and San Francisco.  João is always traveling between the two continents, not only to spread his magic in terms of design, but also as a consultant in these companies. 
Favourite item: Guitar

“Playing guitar has always been one of my passions and this is definitely one of my favourite instruments. I love jamming with my kids during the weekends. I even have a guitar in my office!”

Edyta Biardzka
Edyta Biardzka

Edyta Biardzka – Digital Marketing Assistant

Edyta is a PR and Media graduate based in Edinburgh. She loves to be on the move and to embrace new challenges, that was why she decided at the young of 18 to move from Poland to Scotland. Edyta loves meeting new people, new cultures and of course travelling. With the appetite for learning and desire to undertake new challenges, she created a blog, that reflects her passion towards the fashion and travel industry. In her free time, Edyta likes to enjoy a tasty cortado with friends and update her journal in a cosy coffee shops in town.

Favourite item – Beret

“I’m obsessed with different hats, but all of my friends will agree that the beret is my trademark. It’s not only a perfect addition to any outfit, especially considering the Scottish weather, but it also makes me feel really chic.”