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6 steps to help you deal with a break-up

6 steps to help you deal with a break-up

Break-ups are never easy, whether the relationship lasted 3 months or three years. They have pretty serious effects on the mind and body. There is always a feeling of heartbreak, loss, emotional pain and even the identity crisis.  Unfortunately, there is still no perfect formula how to get over a broken heart, however, having some healthy coping mechanisms can definitely make this process a little bit easier.

Even though, you were the one initiating the end of the relationship, you are still starting at ground zero. You will find yourself having a range of different emotions and sometimes they may feel really overwhelming and painful. However, there is some steps you can take to heal and recover from a break-up and move on stronger.

1. Remember that this feeling will pass and you will feel happy again

Many specialists say that this one of the most important things to remind yourself when you feel really down “No matter how hard it feels now, you will get over it”. You should also remember that this process will take time. Usually, it’s longer than expected, which also depends on the way your relationship ended. For example, sometime in a long-term relationships, people have time to realise they want different things in life or are nor compatible anymore, however the situation looks a bit different if the relationship ends suddenly or you feel like it hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

2. Express your emotions

This also should be one of the primary steps in your recovery process. As we said at the beginning, a break-up can bring a number of feelings and emotion, sometimes very different from what we are usually experiencing, such as betrayal, shock, grief, fear or embarrassment. What’s key to understand is that the grieving process has its ups and downs and the changes could be really frequent. Our advice is to let yourself feel, live and express these emotions, instead of hiding it within. This will help you to accept them, and more importantly, it will also help you to accept the situation.

3. Focus on yourself

After a break-up, what you should focus on the most is YOU. Your purpose shall be to find “you” again, since relationships, especially the long-term ones, many times cause us to forget about ourselves. Believe it or not, but break-up is actually an amazing opportunity to discover yourself again! Just think about what you’ve always wanted to do, but you never had a chance to do it: maybe it’s learning a new language or signing up for a dancing classes. Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to do it.

4. Embark on the electronic blackout

Many experts advise to remove your ex from all your social media platforms to avoid getting upset by seeing you ex-partner and also to stop checking up on them online. This will help you to focus on yourself and move on. Even though, blocking someone else’s account seems pretty childish for you, this could really save you lots of emotional pain.

5. Take care of your body

Diet and exercising are great ways to get over a break-up. Getting your endorphins through exercise can change your mood and improve your cognitive functioning. This could be definitely a healthy distraction from your worries. But don’t forget about keeping the balance. The same with diet. It’s not about punishing yourself or stop eating at all. It’s about implementing better quality food in your daily diet – high in protein, fibre and nutrients to boost your mood.

6. Do a “Breakcation”

When heartbroken, opting for a “breakcation” can help you deal with the pain. Go somewhere new and allow yourself to meet new and different people. It helps clear your mind, and will help you speed up the emotional healing process.


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