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6 easy steps for better skin and hair

6 easy steps for better skin and hair

Beautiful hair and healthy skin are considered to be the “showpieces” of every woman. However, taking care of your skin and hair may seem really overwhelming at times. Due to the intimidating amount of products, treatments and advice out there, sometimes it’s really confusing, pricey and time-consuming to achieve our glowing skin and shiny looking hair.

Surprisingly, the key principles to improve your daily routine when it comes to skincare and hair are pretty basic, yet really can make a huge difference.

Keep reading this article to check what the experts and science advice what you should do when it comes to health looking skin and hair.

1.Drink plenty of water

As much as this tip is pretty obvious, lots of us really don’t drink enough water on a daily basis forgetting this is one of the most important things for our bodies and organs to function effectively. Naturally, staying hydrated also has a positive impact on your skin and hair. If you think about it, water makes up almost 60% of our bodies and we should drink at least eight glasses per day to maintain a healthy body.

2. Use sunscreen every single day 

Sunscreen should be your best friend by now and using it every day is really non-negotiable. Sunscreen is proved to be one of the most effective ways to protect your skin, so always try to choose the moisturisers and foundation, which contain a SPF to help protecting your skin from UV rays and premature ageing. Even if you are living in a country, which isn’t sunny, you shouldn’t neglect it, as your skin is still exposed to sun.

3. Use a silk pillowcase 

You may have already seen influencers and bloggers promoting this, but silk is a perfect material when it comes to your hair and also the skin! It cause less friction and since it’s a natural material, it glides easily leaving your hair nice and smooth.

4. Improve your diet 

A healthy diet can really help you feel great and look great. Avoiding processed foods and sugar and overall cleaning up your diet can make a huge difference for the appearance of your skin and and hair. Many experts agree that your diet is really important when it comes to certain skin conditions, such as acne or ageing skin. Green vegetables, fruits, such as blueberries and whole grains will promote younger looking skin and healthy hair.

5. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol 

We all know that alcohol and cigarettes aren’t good for our health and both can lead to terrible diseases and addictions. Smoking cigarettes brittles your hair, prematurely ages your skin and stains teeth. So whether alcohol or cigarettes are your habits, try to limit it as much as possible and think about your health in a long term perspective.

6. Beauty supplements are a huge help 

Along with using the right topical products, getting the right nutrients internally can go a long way in your quest for glowing skin, long hair, and even strong nails.  In an ideal world, these would come solely from a clean diet full of fruits and veggies, however in real life we know that most of the times a balance diet alone simply isn’t realistic for most people. There are a lot of supplements in the market, Ivy Bears, for example are a high-dose vitamin complexes in the form of gummy bears and used by a lot of influencers with great results, wellbel it’s also an effective product and is made by using the highest quality, vegan, non-comedogenic ingredients.




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