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5 ways to make your mark in a job interview

5 ways to make your mark in a job interview

Preparing for a job interview requires a lot more than doing a research on the Internet and checking the most common interview questions. First things first – you need to make a great first impression (your outfit really matters), have knowledge about the company and prove that you’re a great fit for the position you are applying for. In order to make an incredible impression on your potential employer, we’ve prepared a list of few steps you should follow.

Do your pre-interview research

Before the interview, it is really important to actually analyse the position, you’ve applied for. Check the job description, research the company, what kind of clients they work with, match the requirements listed with your own skills. Think about the candidate the company is looking for and how can you make the the best impression and get the job.

Constantly remind yourself about your strengths 

We all have a tendency to undervalue ourselves. Before a job interview, it’s crucial to write down all your strengths and think about all the things you could bring to the company and the team. What’s important to remember, employers are not only looking at your professional qualifications and certificates, but also your personality, attitude and energy. In addition, let’s not forget, everyday is a learning day and there is always a space for improvement, so if there is something in the job description that you are not good at yet, you can always learn it.

Think about the questions you may be asked and the examples you can give

Prior to the interview, remember to do some research on the most common interview questions. Remember, that interviewer is asking similar questions to all the candidates, so your answers should be more creative and make you stand out of the crowd, in other words – make you unforgettable! I know that now you may think “well, ok, but it’s easier said than done”, but just think about all the assets you have that match the job requirements and try to back it up with the original examples from your previous work experience or even situations/projects from your University time, if you just graduated. Great examples make you unique and can also show so many aspects of your personality! In this way, if the interviewer asks you to describe a time when you demonstrated a particular skill or ability, you will be ready.

Practice Interview Etiquette

Interview may be a stressful experience, but remember that the interviewer can be just as stressed as you. However, before going for an interview, you should remember about a few key things. First of all, you should arrive a bit earlier – being late for an interview can make you look unreliable. Secondly, don’t forget to greet the recptionist and everyone else you meet in the office before the meeting. You should also watch your body language and use your biggest asset – SMILE 😉 During the interview, make an eye contact with the interviewer as you articulate your points. Pay attention to what the other person is saying and listen carefully. At the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any questions and the worst answer possible would be “no”. Make sure you ask the unique questions, this will show that you are really interested (you can even think of example questions prior to the interview).

Get your interview clothes ready

This is a very important point (and we are not saying this, because we love fashion). The truth is, how you present yourself is just as important as what you are going to say during the interview. Therefore, don’t forget to wear classy and elegant clothes. Obviously, it all depends on the company, but make sure your outfit is suitable for the role you’re applying for. Don’t forget about the little things – wear natural make up, take care of your hair, manicure and shine your shoes. These are the kind of things that you don’t always think people notice, but they really do! Feeling good about yourself will boost your confidence and this is the key when it comes to getting your dream job!


IMG_6080About the Autor – Edyta Biardzka

Edyta Biardzka is a 24-year-old PR and Media graduate based in Edinburgh. She comes from Poland and moved to Scotland in the age of 18. Edyta loves moving places, meeting new people and traveling. With the appetite for learning and desire to undertake new challenges, she created a blog, that reflects her passion towards the fashion industry. In her free time, Edyta likes to enjoy a tasty cortado with friends and update her journal in cosy coffee shops in town.

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