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5 ways to become a more confident person

5 ways to become a more confident person

Most people believe that confidence is something we are all born with, but unfortunately this isn’t necessarily true. Most of us really need to work to build up the self-confidence we want through our life and sometimes it’s not as easy as we would wish. However, there is never too late to start building the confidence you want. Today, we will share some tips, which will help you boost your self confidence on a daily basis and become naturally confident person over time.

  1. Write down something you love about yourself every morning

Start each day by spending 5 minutes on writing something you truly love about yourself. It could be anything – the way you smile, your eyebrows or how generous you were the other day. This little daily habit will help you to focus your attention on the positive aspects of yourself and it will also help you realise how great you are! Always remember self-love = self-confidence.

2. Improve your wardrobe – Dress for success

Does your wardrobe make you feel excited each morning when you pick a new outfit to wear that day? Do you like the clothes you have or maybe most of them look pretty dull and they are all the same colour? Refreshing your wardrobe by adding a few good quality pieces that make you feel really good once you wear them will definitely boost your self-confidence. Simple changes in your appearance will change the way you see yourself and also how other people perceive you. If you think you could use some help to choose what to wear, we can help you! You just have to download our app, for free, and get access to the coolest fashion app – CHIC Every Weather that will help you decided what to wear always with style.

3. Build a positive network around you

There is lots of people we meet on a daily basis, however it’s really important to stay close to people who share the good energy and have a positive impact on you. We all know that negative family member or a friend that takes away your energy or brings you down every time you see them. It may sound pretty harsh, but to keep your confidence level up, you need to try to distance yourself from this kind of people. Stay around ones that make you happy and good about yourself.

 4. Strengthen your mind
Let’s not forget that self-confidence is a state of mind. Therefore, it’s important to dedicate some time during the day to strengthen our minds. There is multiple ways to do so, however reading, meditating or exercising are some of the most common and effective ones.

5. Ignore the voice of self-doubt

We all have the inner critic inside of us, who always points out things that we are not good at or we should improve. In order to become more confident, you need to start ignoring this voice and understand that listening to it, will take you 3 steps further from your goal.




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