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5 Tips To Prepare your Wardrobe for Spring

5 Tips To Prepare your Wardrobe for Spring

We are all very excited for the upcoming spring! As the weather gets warmer, it finally feels like the right time to start organising your spring wardrobe.

However, instead of buying more trendy clothes for the next season and adding to your already stuffed-to-the-limit-wardrobe, we would like to give you a few tips how to prepare for the next season more cleverly. Although, if you find some gaps in your closet and realise you really need to purchase new garment, we will show you how to plan it more strategically.

1. Get rid of things that don’t suit you anymore 

As the fashion lovers, we tend to buy lots of clothes (we get you;), however one of the most common mistake we all make is to purchase things that look great on the model, but not necessarily on us. It could be the wrong fit or not the best colour, but the result is always the same – the item remains unworn. And when you actually wear, you don’t feel as comfortable and confident. Therefore, our advice is: get rid of all these unsuitable pieces. We know that you like it, we know that you got for this amazing price, but the sad truth is – it’s just taking the space in your wardrobe. We don’t tell you to bin these clothes, but you can easily sell them on Vinted or Depop,  give away to a friend or donate to a charity organisation.

2. Clothes that don’t fit you are also a no-go 

So we’ve already mentioned clothes that don’t suit you, but this favourite pair of jeans that was your essential piece 2 years and 2 sizes ago and which you promised yourself to lose these extra kilograms to wear again – well, these need to go as well. All the items that for some reason don’t fit you, there is really no point to keep them in your closet. We are aware that getting rid of them could be heartbreaking sometimes, but in the end it will make you feel better because every time you see them in your closet you don’t have to deal with the stress of loosing weight. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can easily find someone who will enjoy your pieces and give them a new life – find a charity shop, ask your sister or a friend or simply sell it online.

3. Make a note of any gaps 

Once you’ve managed to put aside things that don’t serve you anymore, it’s time to actually spot all the gaps in your wardrobe. Make a list of things that are essential, yet lacking in your current closet, so you’re better prepared for your next shopping experience, making it more thoughtful and knowing that you’re only purchasing things that you  actually need.

4. Extend the life of pieces you already own 

We’ve all been hearing about different ways on how to make the fashion more sustainable, however the first step is to take a good care of your garments. Whether it’s a $500 bag from one of your favourite designers or $20 top from a high-street brand, they should serve you as long as possible. Sometimes it’s really as simple as sewing up loosening hems or replacing buttons.

5. Use the Marie Kondo reorganising technique 

Marie Kondo is a real queen, when it comes to reorganising spaces and especially wardrobes. One of the most useful tips we’ve came across is the advice on folding things. It’s a very practical hack that allows you to see everything clearly in your drawers, therefore keep them tidy and clean longer and make the most of all the pieces you have.


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