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4 Sunglasses Trends You’ll Want To Hop On This Season

4 Sunglasses Trends You’ll Want To Hop On This Season

Our spots have started to slowly open up, and as we (safely) begin to step out of the house with our new accessory–a mask, we can’t forget about summer’s most loved piece: a stylish pair of shades. After all, a pair of sunglasses is the one component that truly completes a look.

While Summer 2019 was all about the round and transparent sunglasses, this summer is about dramatics of all sorts. Whether slim and rectangle or oversized and square, you’re bound to make a statement with one of these four sunglasses trends!

The Big Square – Settle on a square. It’ll keep you from going around in circles. 


Sky Blue in Sight – Sky blue is a color you’ll never grow tired of. Don’t believe me? Just take a step outside, and look up above.

The Correct Angle is A Rectangle – In case you were wondering, rectangles are the parents of squares, so style lives in the family.


Steal The Show in Steampunk – Striking just got a new definition.


All in all, with a standout pair of shades like any one of these, you’re sure to make the perfect style statement this summer. Which one will you be sporting?


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