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10 tips to plan a successful 2021

10 tips to plan a successful 2021

Setting New Year’s resolutions for 2021 may look a bit different this time, but at least now we know better considering the lessons we’ve learned in 2020. One thing we already know it’s that man plans and God laughs. However, planning is essential in order to keep us going. We can already feel the fresh energy and excitement of this coming year and we couldn’t be more excited! So what shall we keep in mind while planning 2021 to be a successful year?

1. Clarity 

The first step is to actually take some time and really think what would you like to accomplish this year. What goals would be achievable to you this year? Think about which areas of your life you would like to improve and what could be the most beneficial to YOU, not what other people expect you to do, but what would YOU like to do for yourself.

2. Set realistic goals

We still are in the middle of a pandemic, that no one knows when it will end. So it’s important so set realistic goals considering the situation that we all live in. This does not mean you can only do a few things, this only means that when you set your goals you have to probably find creative situations to achieve them. Otherwise is better to find other and more realistic goals, so you can’t be frustrated by the end of the year.

3. Take small steps

We all know, that as humans we would want to have it all at once, but you can definitely start by making a list of 5 goals – remember, this is not about proving how ambitious you are, it’s about committing to what is possible for you right now. Therefore, one of your resolutions may be to read 1 book a month or meditate 10 minutes a day and for some people it may look trivial, but if you haven’t been meditating at all or read only 2 books the previous year – well, you have to start somewhere.

4. Journal everyday

Writing is a great remedy when dealing with stress or overthinking. Sometimes writing down our thoughts helps us to look at things from another perspective and recognise certain patterns in our behaviour. Therefore, involving a journal in your resolutions for 2021 could really help you keep your mind healthy. It’s also a great way to capture memories from the day and appreciate all the positive things that happen to you.

5. Give some time to the physical activities

We all know that fresh air and a little bit of exercise on the regular basis will make your life much better. So why don’t you include a 20 min exercise or a walk on you list? Remember, it’s always about doing it systematically rather than forcing yourself to the heavy workouts you would avoid at all costs. Consistence is key.

6. Try to do something new each month

Nobody said your resolution has to be just sticking to one thing. This is one of the most exciting resolutions you may have this year, as each month it will challenge you to leave your comfort zone. However, you can still choose whether you want to visit a certain city you never had a chance to see yet or try out this new recipe. It really could be anything, as long as it makes you smile.

7. Be Willing To Adapt

The previous year for sure has thought us that things can change in a blink of an eye, therefore it’s very important to learn the lesson, and be ready do adapt to any situation that 2021 can bring you. Could be easier said than done, but every entrepreneur actually deals with this on a daily basis – unexpected situations that will need you to adapt and be creative to overcome them.

8. Check monthly your list of goals and resolutions for the year

It’s not enough to begin the year by writing down your list of goals, actually this could be tricky because after you write them on the paper you can have the feeling of mission accomplished, but what you did was actually just the beginning, so to keep on track with your goals, check them often and see which are the ones you already accomplished and we can guarantee you that this will lift you up during the year.

9. Follow your dreams

No more excuses the time is now, to pursuit what makes your soul on fire. People that love what they do are not only more happy but also more successful because in the end they don’t have to work a day in their lives;) Whether it’s starting a business, learning a skill, starting a podcast, follow it, and commit yourself to it fully.

10. Have a savings goal

This year has been a difficult one financially, and having money saved away is great when things are uncertain. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to your budget, and you will be ready for a “rainy day”.

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