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We can help you Find your swimsuit soul mate!

We can help you Find your swimsuit soul mate!

Beach season is here! Hello holiday feeling!

And we are ready, or maybe not 😉 We’ve been going to the gym, working on our abs or we’ve actually been eating chocolates and watching Netflix, either way the endless beach days of summer are upon us and we need the coolest swim gear of all times 😉

Unexpectedly sexy, high-neck tops are fully on our swimwear radar and are bound to be a hit this summer, a sophisticated French Riviera vibe is always a must, or if  you feel most comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but also have the burning desire to look like a total bombshell on the beach, a sexy cut-out style is made for you. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain retro shapes and statement cuts are big news right now.

To help you get your swimsuit soul mate, we’ve rounded up some glam and cool options that are really killing it.

We can already fill the sun kissing our skin, hearing the sound of the sea, in a lounge-chair drinking cocktails 😉


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